Difference Between Granite and Marble

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What is the main difference between marble and granite? I’m interested in renovating my kitchen but I don’t know which would be better. I’m debating between Brazilian Granite and Italian ...Answer Although both materials are beautiful, keep in mind that marble is much more porous than is granite. This means that marble is much easier to stain. Some people that use marble are of the mentality that ...

Why Do I Only See Tiles on Baths and Kitchens?

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Hi Interstone, I’ve been looking into bathroom and kitchen renovations, and have been wondering why the only flooring that is offered is tiles? I like the look of Italian marble and granite. Are ...Answer We also offer a wide range of porcelain flooring of various sizes. Some mimic the look of marble while others can realistically mimic the look of wood. Some people like to use marble or granite slabs ...
“Arara Blue” 3cm Granite For An Outdoor Kitchen
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“Arara Blue” 3cm Granite For An Outdoor Kitchen

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Granite makes a bold and classy statement in any outdoor kitchen.  It can withstand all seasons and the weather we can get.  We made sure that it was well sealed and we will follow-up with yearly sealing on our own.  It’s an easy process.  Just ask anyone ...
Can I use an entire slab for a fireplace

Can I use an entire slab for a fireplace?

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Why not just go ahead and make a serious focal point to enhance a simple fireplace?  Interstone provided us with this exotic slab of “Baricado” granite to surround our fireplace insert.  This gives our family room the panache and “wow factor” it was ...
Light Coloured Granite Enlarges The Look of a Small Kitchen

Light Coloured Granite Enlarges The Look of a Small Kitchen

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We chose “Delicatus White” granite from Interstone Ottawa for our kitchen counters.  Our space feels bigger than it was with our previous darker countertop.  We even chose our backsplash material from Interstone.  They not only have great customer service, ...

Bathroom and Kitchen Renovation Time Estimation

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Hi Interstone, we’re looking into remodeling our kitchen and bathrooms, specifically using Italian marble for our kitchen, ceramic tiles for a kitchen backsplash, and bathroom granite countertops. ...Answer This is a great question for you to ask the fabricators that will be cutting and installing your countertops as they manage their own schedules.

Mosaic Natural Stone Backsplash Ideas for My Kitchen

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I recently bought a fixer-upper in Toronto and I am planning on renovating my kitchen. I am looking at different options for my backsplash. One thing that truly has got my interest is using a stone mosaic ...Answer Stone mosaic backsplashes are really lovely, especially those with different textures. However, you are wise to ask about the cleaning process. One thing that can help is getting your backsplash sealed ...

Different Granite Colours

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Does granite typically come in a variety of colours? I’ve seen granite colours that range from dark blacks to reds and blues. Is this a natural colour, or is it man made? Does this diminish the quality ...Answer Indeed granite naturally comes in a wide array of colors. There are a number of different naturally blue stones but you are wise to ask about this. A good salesperson should point out color-enhanced stones ...

Pure Marble Slab for Bathroom Showers

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Hello, I saw your post of the Pure Marble Slab for Master Bath, and I’d like to do something similar. I’m just confused of how the marble would be maintained, as it can easily absorb water ...Answer Many people use squeegees to remove water beads from inside their shower so this can help prevent water spots and etches. You should also clean up soap scum right away so it doesn’t build up. All ...

Are Granite Kitchen Tops Prone to Stain

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I heard granite stain fairly easily because the material is porous. What do I do if I get it stained? Is there a way to coat it with some kind of layer so that it won’t stain in the future?AnswerAll stones have a certain amount of porosity. Some of the most porous stones include marble, travertine, and limestone. Granite is less porous than these stones and some quartzites (natural stone) can ...

Stone or Porcelain Floor Benefits?

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I have a property in Toronto and am planning to redo my floors. What is the advantage of using marble tiles over other materials?AnswerThis is a very subjective question so I will simply explain these materials. Natural marble and granite tiles can come in polished and matte finishes. In my personal opinion, I would use polished tiles ...

What is the average life expectancy of granite counter tops?

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What is the average life expectancy of a granite counter top? Is it true that though granite is a durable material, the corners can chip away easily? Is there anything I can do to preserve and protect ...Answer Granite countertops can last for many years if it is well up-kept. You need to seal it every year or so (it’s easy) to protect it; and you need to clean it gently daily (warm water and a mild detergent). ...

Stone or Porcelain Floor Benefits

Natural stone tiles are definitely more beautiful to look at! A great advantage is that marble tiles are easy to cut and shape. This means that you can fill awkward shapes and corners with much ease, as opposed to porcelain tiles which are much more difficult to deal with. This benefit ...

Bathroom Tile

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Im going to renovate one of my bathrooms next week.   Do you have a selection of tiles that are appropriate for bathrooms?   Thanks   J

What kind of granite or marble stone is Super White?

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Hi there,   I've heard this word tossed around during renovations but unsure what it stands for.  Does it refer to a specific type of granite slab, marble slab, or does it refer to a specific ...AnswerWhile some places call it a marble, a quartzite, or granite, it is in a class of its own. Super White is most like dolomitic marble. It's neither granite nor quartzite - it's not even close to quartzite ...