Different Granite Colours

Does granite typically come in a variety of colours? I’ve seen granite colours that range from dark blacks to reds and blues. Is this a natural colour, or is it man made? Does this diminish the quality of the granite in any way?


By Interstone Marble and Granite Limited
Indeed granite naturally comes in a wide array of colors. There are a number of different naturally blue stones but you are wise to ask about this. A good salesperson should point out color-enhanced stones to you so you can make an informed decision. Some stones, not even necessarily blue, are color-enhanced. Take a look at the sides and back of the slab. If it is a lighter colored stone with small dribbles of a much darker color on the sides, it is likely color-enhanced. One big issue with color-enhanced stones is that they can fade with prolonged sun exposure and you’d have to get the color touched-up. Color-enhanced stones are great for a downstairs bar or anywhere natural light is minimal. Color-enhancing does not affect the quality of the stone in any way.
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9 years ago
There really are so many different granite colours to choose from, colour enhanced stones seem like the way to go