Are Granite Kitchen Tops Prone to Stain

I heard granite stain fairly easily because the material is porous. What do I do if I get it stained? Is there a way to coat it with some kind of layer so that it won’t stain in the future?


By Interstone Marble and Granite Limited
All stones have a certain amount of porosity. Some of the most porous stones include marble, travertine, and limestone. Granite is less porous than these stones and some quartzites (natural stone) can be even less porous than some granites.
There are many natural stone cleaners that you can use on a stubborn stain. I recommend that you purchase our Fila Heavy Duty Cleaner PS/87. You can dilute it or use it full-strength. This cleaner so is amazing that I’ve seen it remove ink stains. Logically, darker colored stones are less likely to stain than lighter colored stones.
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9 years ago
Having the right products to clean a granite kitchen countertop is definitely important. I am going to look into purchasing the Fila Heavy Duty Cleaner PS/87 that was recommended.