What is the hardness of the different types of granite and marble stones?

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Just wondering what the hardness level is for granite slabs versus marble slabs.  From what I heard, marbles are not meant for kitchen countertops - is this true, and why?
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By Interstone Marble and Granite Limited
On the “Mohs” hardness scale where 1 is the softest and 10 the hardest, the following stones are reportedly as such:

Slate: 2.5 - 4        
Marble: 2.5 - 5
Travertine: 3 - 4
Limestone: 3 - 4
Granite: 7 - 8  
Quartzite: 7+

Based on the above scale, preferences are to use granite and quartzite on kitchen counter tops, and marbles and travertines in the bathroom.
Reference: http://www.steamboatcarpetsplus.com/c-1177-natural-stone-tips.aspx
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9 years ago
Definitely informative! There are so many things about Marble and granite that I didnt know.
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9 years ago
Good to know. I thought marble was much stronger but I was misinformed. The range in strength from 2.5 to 5 is quite a difference so you may find stronger marble but given the choice I'd definitely go with Granite for kitchen counter. It looks great, it's sturdy and whatever you spend on it you will get back money spent when you decide to sell.

Kitchen and bath are 2 areas where you can splurge a little during renovation knowing that you'll see significant appreciation on your home from renovating.