Marble Top Countertop Choices

marble topMarble is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful building materials on earth and a highly desirable addition to any home. Stylish, elegant, and timeless, this natural stone has been used throughout the ages for both construction and as an artist's material.
Options That Will Please Even the Most Discerning Customer
Many people are under the misconception that the expense of marble is exorbitant for countertop material, but by visiting a reputable natural stone business, they will soon discover that the expense of marble slabs has become more accessible. They can also explore many other countertop options that will please even the most discerning customer.
Options like the following can create a unique look that will reflect the unique tastes of any homeowner:
  • Marble and Limestone
  • Traditional Granite
  • Exotic Granite
  • Quartzite
  • Compac
  • Engineered Stone
Receive Value and Product Knowledge As Well As Competitive Pricing
It is said, that there is an art to preserving and maintaining the natural esthetics of the stone, and a certain degree of expertise is needed to sustain the beauty when using marble as a building material. Traditionally, the skill of working with, and the cost of importing, is what have made marble countertops such a decadent choice. By choosing a company that specializes in the importing and distribution of natural stone, customers find that they receive value and product knowledge, as well as, a more competitive price.
There are also man-made alternatives, such as cultured marble and engineered stone, that can be considered. Cultured marble is a precise mixture of fiberglass resin and crushed marble stone. One of the biggest benefits of opting for cultured stone is, that unlike natural marble (which is dependent on nature for its look, variable shape and colour), cultured marble can be made to order.
Discover What Quality Companies Can Offer Their Customers
When shopping for countertops, marble or otherwise, it is important to visit a company that specializes in the distribution and importing of natural stone. Quality companies will be able to offer:
  • Over 30 years of industry experience
  • Superior service
  • The largest truck fleet in the business
  • Prompt and secure delivery Ontario-wide
  • Complete satisfaction
  • Fair prices
  • Great products
  • The largest selection of the latest materials in the industry
  • Over 300 of the finest stone materials from all over the globe
  • An assortment of premium marble, granite, quartzite, natural and engineered stone
  • Products in stock and ready to ship from a massive warehouse
  • Materials available in both slab and tile
  • Samples and information available upon request
See why marble is considered one of the most beautiful building materials on earth and how it could be a highly desirable addition to your home. Marble and granite importers and distributors are a natural choice for your natural stone!