Looking for Durable Stylish Finishings? Discover Toronto Granite Slabs.

Toronto granite slabs are generally sold to fabricators, or directly to the consumer from suppliers. This ensures the customer gets the best possible product to reflect their unique tastes. It can be used for installation in the home in a variety of ways outside of the traditional kitchen countertops and flooring, including bathroom vanities, dining tabletops, and bar tops. In addition to being useful for high-traffic areas of the house, granite is also a beautiful and unique option for flooring with its durability and resistance to damage. Dropping items on a granite floor has little to no impact on its overall condition, making it a sound investment for households with children. Granite slabs do not age and maintain a refined and polished look throughout the lifetime of the house, even after decades. It can be acquired in slab form or as tiles depending on the purpose this high-quality stone is being used for.


Granite slabs are for any homeowners looking for a durable and stylish finish. Granite is unaffected by cold, mildew or seasonal expansion due to moisture. They won’t bubble like wood flooring, or age like conventional countertops. Installing granite as flooring is an upgrade to the house that is both functional and stylish, as well as practical and a sound investment. With timeless pieces such as these being added to a house, the resale value for a Toronto home has been shown to increase. Granite makes ideal countertops for kitchens for its resistance against scratching, chipping or heat being placed on it. Granite is stain and burn resistant, but should be sealed yearly to avoid harmful bacterial growth. This can be done by using granite sealant annually. Granite is naturally anti-microbial, meaning it is resistant to odour-causing bacterial growth and can be washed clean using simple soap and water.


Durable and stylish, granite maintains a crisp and refined appearance making it the ideal investment for a renovation, or upgrade to any room. Granite slabs often increase the resale value of a Toronto home because of their durability. Granite is low maintenance and doesn’t need to be replaced, which makes it the obvious choice for homeowners.