Wholesale Granite Slabs - What is Granite?

whole sale granites labsGranite is a colour chameleon, ranging from pink to grey in colour. However, one thing about the stone is consistent: its toughness. An igneous rock, granite consists mostly of quartz, mica and feldspar. Its most notable quality, the one that endears it to builders, is that it's hard, tough and versatile.
Granite is also common. It is the most abundant base rock underlying the earth's sedimentary layer. It's also readily accessible, often protruding through to the earth's surface. That accessibility, coupled with its toughness, has made it a go-to stone for centuries. The pyramids of Egypt use it, most notably in the granite sarcophagus of the Great Pyramid of Giza. In more recent times, granite has been popular for gravestones and memorials. With acid rain, the tougher rock has replaced marble (which corrodes) as the cemetery stone of choice. Beyond memorials, the advent of steam-powered cutting tools, in the 19th century, enabled a wider use of the stone in buildings as flooring, home foundations, and even curling stones.
Granite inside the home
Granite is increasingly popular inside the home, as a countertop and flooring, both in the form of slabs and tile. Granite slabs are breathtakingly impressive; with a size and varied look, that really suggests presence and quality. Granite tiles are more inexpensive than slabs, and combine strength and beauty. Reflecting the colour palette of the stone, they come in a variety of colors, patterns and styles. The tiles complement both modern and traditional décor. Tiles (and technological advances that make them easier to cut and shape) are easy to install and are low in maintenance. In addition, their toughness means they can be used in high traffic areas.
As a countertop, granite's muscle again is its chief asset. It won't stain or scratch, it's burn-resistant, and replacement of tiles is easy. Because the stone is also bacteria and heat resistant, it's perfect for kitchen use. However, its ability to stand up to moisture and heat from dryers, as well as withstand corrosion from personal care products, makes it a useful choice in the bathroom as well.
Homeowners have discovered that granite boosts the resale value of a home, in addition to endowing it with a look of elegance.
The care of granite
Yes, it's tough, but granite still requires a degree of care. There are many other, less expensive options for floors and counters, and if you're going to take on the cost of granite, then you should be prepared to take on its maintenance. After all, this is a stone that enhances your day-to-day living and your home's resale value.
Granite needs periodic resealing. Sand, grit, and dirt are abrasives, and though they won't damage the granite, they will affect the look of its surface. If the stone is in a high traffic area, it is necessary to ensure that there are mats or rugs at the entry points, to avoid tracking in dirt. In addition, like any other surface, granite should be kept clean. Stone cleaners are available, but gentle soap is more than adequate. Avoid abrasives.
So bring the tough stone inside and let it enhance your home. Whether it's in the form of slabs or tiles, granite is a versatile and valuable addition to your home's décor.