Buy Stone Wall-Tiles, Floor Tiles and Countertops and Increase the Value of your Home

wall tilesWall tiles are just one of the options available from stone products. There are floor tiles, bathroom tiles, and a variety of countertop options as well. Stone finishes in a house are known to increase the atmosphere to one that radiates class and sophistication. Another main benefit is that a stone purchase is an investment that can increase the value of a home and even provide dividends upon time to resell. Stone products are virtually impossible to damage in any way and will last a lifetime, if not longer.
Some other benefits include:
Healthy and Clean – Most in-house stone is considered to be non-porous and smooth, therefore providing superior protection against stain and colour change. Foreign substances are not able to penetrate the outer surface and are very easily cleaned up with cloth or broom. Stone can also contribute to the control of bacteria and germs.
Heat Resistant – Most stone is considered to be heat resistant. This is handy for kitchen applications where a hot pot or pan can be placed directly on the stone surface without any negative effects occurring. Stone is one of the only counter materials able to withstand heat as most others will burn, melt, or discolour within seconds. In addition, floor and wall tiles do not absorb heat, and therefore are great insulating barriers for the house or office.
Density – Stone is generally very dense. This allows for the stone to be almost indestructible. No chipping, denting or scratching usually occurs on stone, even after years of heavy use. It is because of this factor that stone will last so long. The one downfall to stone is that because the material is so dense, it adds a lot of extra weight. This will, in turn, require proper supporting structures to be in place wherever stone is used. It will also require some specialized equipment and handling in between factory and final installation.
Types of Stone:
Granite – Granite comes in traditional or exotic styles. The difference is that traditional has a classic granite look with darker colours, while exotic comes in a wide range of different colours with patterns resembling marble and non-traditional granite.
Marble/Limestone – Marble is the scientific term for metamorphosed limestone. Offered in lighter shades, this rock is finished, polished and sealed to reveal its true beauty. Stunning patterns of all different types are brought to life as floor and wall tiles.
Tumbled Marble – Tumbled marble is a type of finish that chips and dulls finished stone to look worn and old fashioned. In the right setting it can give an old world feel as though living in a castle or an old mansion. The process requires a large mixing machine that resembles a laundry dryer that mixes the tiles around, causing impacts with each other. After a little while, the tile is finished with the desired look.
Stone products are a growing trend in the house building and renovation industry because of the many positive attributes carried with it. Speaking with a specialist can narrow down options according to style and budget, and speed up the entire process. So be sure to check out stone wall, floor, and countertops today. You will be glad you did.