Stone Counter, Floor and Wall Tile Products are the Most Desirable

wall tileWall tiles are commonly found in office buildings and malls, but are now starting to become more common in houses and cottages. Wall tiles made from stone are the most durable and easiest to maintain on the market. Tiles also come in flooring formats which can increase the beauty of a home with a natural look of new or old world feel.
There are a few different types of rock options to choose from that offer different colours and patterns. They all range in price, and have many finishing styles to choose from as well. From regular finished and polished stone, to rough and tumbled, there is something for all tastes and projects.
Granite is offered in tile form, but more commonly is used for table, or countertop applications. This stone is elegant and sophisticated, presenting a look that can be enjoyed by everyone that uses it, or even walks by. The beauty of granite stems from the density of the rock. Because it is so dense, it is very difficult to break, or penetrate without special tools or a very severe impact. Knives and other sharp kitchen utensils are no match for the smooth tough surface. Another benefit is the fact that granite is heat resistant, which means hot pots and pans can be placed directly on the surface without worrying about burning or discolouring the material.
Granite comes in traditional and exotic forms. Traditional granite is a classic granite look with only a few shades of colour to choose from. Exotic granite gives more options for patterned stone with a few additional shades.
Marble and limestone are very similar to each other. The word marble is actually the scientific term used for metamorphosed limestone. They are essentially the same thing but in two different chemical make-ups. They produce a very classy and elegant feel with lighter colours and less intense patterns. They can be found in both wall and floor tile formats, as well as countertops or tables, in kitchens, bathrooms, or bar areas.
Quartzite is another elegant stone that provides a more unique look. Coming in a range of colours and patterns this stone will wow any visitors that enter a home.
Whichever stone is decided on, it is nice to know the investment and health benefits stone provides. By installing stone finishings to a home, the appraisal value is increased dramatically, and most of the time, it can help lift a price to twice or three times the value of the stone. There are also the health and wellness factors to consider. Due to the smooth, non-porous nature of the finished product, they are extremely easy to clean, and repel germs and bacteria. It is a proven fact that stone products are healthier than any other option on the market.
Go in and see a stone specialist and learn all there is to know about putting stone surfaces in your home. They have the knowledge needed to aid in the selection process, and the equipment and manpower needed to get the heavy commodities from store to home in one piece.