Types of Edge Profiles for Versatile Marble Slabs in Toronto

The Different Types of Edge Profiles for Versatile Marble Slabs in Toronto

Choosing to install versatile marble slabs in Toronto for your new countertop in your home is a process that involves paying close attention to a lot of minute details. Perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of the design of your new kitchen or bathroom is the edge design of your countertop. Edge details or edge treatments come in a wide variety of cuts and styles. While many homeowners focus on colours, patterns or the type of surface, edge designs can bring out the dimension and beauty of your room. After choosing their marble slabs, Toronto homeowners should begin to focus on other design elements that add to the design concept that they have in mind. Choosing the right edge profile is no small detail, as it helps to integrate your countertop into the overall design of your space. Edge profiles are intended to add the finishing touches to your home design and decisions are usually made towards the end of the process. Having an idea of the type of edge you want can help you get started on design elements aside from the countertop.

Different Types of Edges for Your Countertop


Straight or Eased Edge

This is one of the most commonly used edges. This has a straight look, however, the edges are eased at the top and bottom making them easier to clean and lean on. An eased edge offers a crisp look that keeps things simple and allows other elements of your kitchen to stand out.

Bevel Edge

This popular contemporary edge has a slated edge, giving it a more modern look. It is a flat design that usually incorporates a clipped flat corner on a 45-degree angle. This style offers a crisp and sleek look.

Bullnose Edge

This style of versatile marble slabs in Toronto offers a softer look that is also easy to clean. This style is also ideal for environments where kids are going to be around, as there are no sharp edges. The bullnose edge also sees a lot of use on countertops that have upper bar areas.

Ogee Edge

This design offers a little bit of extra elegance and beauty. Kitchen designers use ogee edge profiles to accent islands or other elements in the room. It is also a great way to bring out the beauty in your natural stone. An ogee edge typically has two curves. It can have more intricate detail depending on the fabricator. It is comfortable to lean on and its thin appearance adds an elegant touch.
When homeowners are considering marble slab for their Toronto residences, they often neglect edge profiles until the end of the process. Understanding the type of edge profiles available from your local fabricator can help you incorporate other design elements into your kitchen. Edge profiles can help to bring focus and dimension to your kitchen with options ranging from clean-cut edges to more intricate curved designs. Stay ahead of the process and choose your edge profiles early on. This will help you move forward with making other important decisions on the design of your new home with versatile marble slabs in Toronto.