Find the Perfect Stone Vanity Stone in Toronto

vanitytops torontoBuilding or renovating a house can be a stressful and time consuming experience. It is important to have a very well thought-out plan and the means to execute it. This should all be prepared prior to the start of the project. One of the most important steps is choosing and ordering all of the new pieces going into the space. Countertops and flooring tiles are one of the main considerations at this point of the game and most people are turning to stone products for the simple fact that they are more beautiful and durable than any of the possible alternatives on the market.
Different Types of Stone
Granite– Granite is the most common type of rock used as countertops and flooring tile due to the fact that the material can largely be found in our very own backyards. Granite is virtually indestructible; it is one of the densest stone types available and can handle extreme heat directly to its surface without showing any effects. It is also non-porous, meaning liquids and other foreign substances will not penetrate or stain the surface. Tiles and counter pieces come in traditional colours with typical appearance, and exotic styles come in a range of colours and patterns for the more adventurous look.
Marble/Tumbled Marble – Marble is another very popular choice for countertops and flooring. Marble usually has a variety of appearances that are all stunning and unique. The stone undergoes an extensive refining procedure that ends with a shiny polished surface that brings out the unique characteristics of the marble stone. Marble comes in mainly lighter colours with only one or two options for dark.
Tumbled marble tiles are tiles with a unique finish that is dulled and chipped to resemble an older classic look. The procedure consists of finished tiles being tumbled in a large machine that looks like a large laundry dryer. The tiles knock against each other giving the desired finish.
Quartzite – Quartzite is produced from natural sandstone as a result of a chemical reaction involving volcanic heat. This process creates exceptional artistic looking pieces that fill a house with class and sophistication.
Why Stone?
Stone has been used as a building material for thousands of years. Evidence of its use and long lasting effects can be seen in the Egyptian pyramids and the still standing Coliseum located in Rome, Italy. These long lasting effects are what keeps the stone business booming. Stone products will last longer than the house itself and increase the value of the home. Higher costs are easily offset due to the fact that the purchase price of a stone piece will directly increase the appraised value of a house being put up for sale.
Contacting and working with a stone dealer can help ease the process of finding something perfect for your situation and budget. They have showrooms for browsing and are able to assist on all levels of the buying and installation process. Because stone counters and tiles are so heavy, these dealers will be fully equipped to manufacture, deliver, and install these pieces ensuring the protection and well-being of your new investment.