Marble Slabs in Toronto Add Beauty to Upgrade Your GTA Home

Savvy homeowners know that in a seller’s market, adding premium home upgrades can really pay off!  A home’s kitchen and bathroom areas are known to be very important to homebuyers.  An otherwise beautiful home with an old, outdated bathroom may sit on the market for months.  Many in Toronto are updating their homes with natural stone, such as marble.  Considering a marble upgrade in your Toronto home?  Read on to find out more about marble slabs in Toronto.

Marble in the Kitchen

Natural stone elements are very popular in kitchen areas.  Marble countertops, islands and backsplashes are amongst the most requested home upgrades in Toronto, and with good reason.  Marble makes a beautiful and functional countertop.  Marble is undamaged by heat and pressure, and is the ideal surface for preparing food and rolling dough.
Is marble right for your kitchen?
If you are thinking about marble for your Toronto kitchen, here are some points to consider.
Marble is susceptible to wear and tear.  Marble is a soft stone, so lighter colored slabs can be prone to stains from acidic liquids such as red wine.  Polished marble is a bit easier to keep clean, however it is more susceptible to scratching.  If your kitchen is a very highly used area by all members of the family, marble may not be the best choice for the countertop surface.  Instead, add marble to a backsplash, where it can be admired for its beauty and still maintains for decades.

Marble in the Bathroom

A touch of cool marble can transform an ordinary bathroom into a luxurious spa-like space.  Marble slabs are a popular choice for Toronto bathrooms to line the shower, floor or countertop.  
Is marble right for your bathroom?
If you are thinking about marble for your Toronto bathroom, here are some points to consider.  Marble tends to wear with a natural patina over time.  This patina is part of the unique story and allure of marble!  However, standing water can sometimes stain marble and over time, it can look old and tired.  Marble can also be etched by certain substances, such as toothpaste, or some harsh cleaners.  For this reason, some homeowners prefer marble countertops in a powder room, rather than a main bathroom.  Powder rooms, generally being smaller rooms, are also a great place to add the luxury of marble to the floor or walls at a lower price!
In considering home upgrades, don’t make any rush decisions.  Natural stones such as marble are extremely long lasting and can be pricy, so it’s not something you want to do on a whim.  Do your research, visit a showroom and ask others you know that have done it – are they happy with the results?
Chosen well, installed properly and taken care of regularly, marble is a real showstopper in a home.  This upgrade will be something that you will treasure, and if you ever decide to sell your home marble can be a real selling point.