Where Can I Buy a Unique Granite Slab in Toronto?

Where to Buy a Unique Granite Slab in Toronto

Once viewed as a utilitarian home design, granite surfaces have become effective and tasteful solutions that can accentuate or compliment your existing home décor. With everlasting beauty that’s built to last, the unique granite slab in Toronto that you choose for your Toronto home will be a central component of your home for years to come. Many homeowners choose granite over other floor and countertop options due to its combination for long-lasting durability, uniqueness and natural beauty. No two natural stones are the same, so when a homeowner decides to add a natural stone surface to their home, they are bringing a uniquely beautiful piece of the earth into their home. Yes, this also means that no one will have the same countertop or floors as you.

Choosing Between Marble and Granite

When considering natural stone for home use, many homeowners find themselves deciding between marble and granite. The two types of stone have become synonymous with each other and are often confused, but they are indeed very different. Marble is a shinier stone, more translucent in appearance and characterized by its stunning gloss and free-flowing veins. It is perceived to be softer to the eyes than granite because of the way that it reflects light. However, marble is a porous surface material, meaning that it is very absorbent, leaving it susceptible to stains. Marble is also susceptible to physical damage that can’t detract from its natural beauty, such as scratching and cracking. Marble can also scratch when exposed to acidic foods, liquids and cleaning solutions, making it more difficult to care for and maintain.
The harder of the two materials, unique granite slab in Toronto has become renown for its durability. Known to withstand very high temperatures, granite is very resistant to heat and physical damage. It is also more resistant to staining than marble. While it may not possess the sheen of marble, granite can have a honed or polished look. Cleaning and maintenance is simple with granite. Just use a damp cloth and mild dish soap, rinse and wipe down with a dry cloth. For a streak-free shine, try using a microfiber cloth when drying. 
Both marble and granite can add to the resale value and aesthetic appeal of your home. Choosing to install a granite or marble surface in your home can be a significant investment, involving removing your old countertop. It is important for homeowners to feel comfortable when making this type of investment decision. After all, this surface is expected to last a lifetime in your home. Homeowners considering natural stone options should visit a marble and granite slab showroom in their area to view their options and get inspiration for new design ideas.
Installing a granite slab in your Toronto home can be tricky and the installation process is best left to a professional contractor. If you choose to go forth with the installation yourself, you can find a local fabricator that can help cut and prepare the slab for installation. Designing your home can be an intricate process, but choosing to add a unique granite slab in Toronto to the equation makes sense and adds resale value to your home.