Using Trendy Natural Stone Slab in Toronto to Renovate Toronto Businesses

Using Trendy Natural Stone Slab in Toronto to Renovate Toronto Businesses

If you’re considering renovating your place of business in Toronto, consider adding trendy natural stone slab in Toronto to your décor.

Benefits of Natural Stone

If you’re using natural stone in high traffic areas, it’s important to choose a harder stone, like granite, slate or limestone.
Granite is a popular choice. It’s the hardest stone used in construction, making it scratch and stain-resistant.  You can choose smoothed granite, honed flat granite or granite that is in its natural gauged state. The key to keeping your granite floors or countertops looking good is resealing them at least every two years. If it’s a showroom or office floor, consider resealing every year to ensure that your granite keeps its lustre and beauty and that the grout remains undisturbed. Granite doesn’t fade, making it a fantastic choice if you want a floor that will last decades.
Slate is a durable choice that is almost as hard as granite. It’s resistant to scratches and breaks. If you’re using it for tile floors, be aware of slate’s history of chipping around the edge of tiles. If it’s a high traffic area or one where furniture and other heavy items will be moved around on a regular basis, you may want to choose granite. Slate will need to be resealed every year to keep it stain-resistant.
Limestone isn’t as hard as granite or slate but it is a popular choice for businesses. Over time, limestone ages and takes on a beautiful, weathered sheen. This adds a touch of classic style to your business, making it feel established. Like other trendy natural stone slabs in Toronto and natural stone tiles, limestone is porous. You’ll need to reseal it annually. If it’s a high traffic area, you can reseal it more often to ensure that it lasts.

Benefits for your business

Natural stone is a prestigious addition to businesses. It subtly conveys your business’s financial success to your customers. When you’re adding natural stone slabs to your renovation, it’s important to choose the right designer and contractor. You want to work with people who have experience with natural stone. When done right, stone can bring depth, warmth and touchable texture to your showroom floor or office.
Natural stone can be used in fireplaces, entryways, flooring, furniture, wall coverings, countertops and almost anywhere in your office or store.

Choosing the Right Natural Stone Slab for Your Toronto Business

With so many colours and styles available, it’s important that you choose the right natural stone slab for your Toronto business. If you’re using it on a showroom floor or as part of the décor, you need to pick a neutral colour that won’t compete with the merchandise. If you’re renovating an office, you may want a colour that will match traditional wood or steel office furniture.
The best way to ensure that you’re not unpleasantly surprised is to pick the natural stone slabs yourself. You can visit a Toronto showroom to get a good look at the different types of natural stone available. Each has a depth and pattern that can’t be conveyed through photos. When you reserve your material, it can be ordered by your fabricator and delivered there for cutting to size.
Using trendy natural stone slab in Toronto to renovate your Toronto business adds a touch of elegance while conveying your business’s financial success.