Travertine Tile Use is a Growing Trend In Toronto’s Renovation Industry

travertine tile torontoTravertine is a type of limestone deposit that is formed at water springs, inside caves, and around natural hot springs. It is formed by a chemical reaction causing precipitation of a chemical called calcium carbonate. After the processing of this stone, the results are stunning and unique. Travertine is usually white when it is found in its purest form, but can also be seen in lighter browns and yellows due to some impurities that change the colour slightly.
Stone products can be used for many things and can be made from many different types of stone. They can be used as flooring tiles, wall tiles, and countertops. Travertine stone is mainly used in tile format due to its porous nature. They create a decorative old world look that lasts for decades without the slightest evidence of wear and tear.
Although travertine is a desirable stone, there are several others that can match the durability but have different features and looks. This, of course, depends on the desired style and ambiance sought out by the individual. There is also a relation between the types of stone and the budget for the project. Stone products do last much longer than most, but can be slightly more expensive when compared to the economical alternatives. Having said that, the money spent on stone product installation, in most cases, acts as an investment due to its long lasting durability, and style characteristics. Therefore, the amount of money spent on these sophisticated pieces tends to add the same monetary amount to the appraised value of a home (sometimes more) when it comes time to sell.
The Purchasing Process
Buying stone can be a tricky process for several reasons. The main one being not knowing what to buy in terms of colours, types, and styles. It can be an overwhelming experience that is best done with some help. A knowledgeable industry specialist can guide interested parties through all the options and come up with the best solution to match the drawings, plans, or existing home motif. They can match colours, give ideas, and create custom designs for the exact right tile or countertop for the project at hand. Another important factor to consider is the sheer size and weight of stone products. It is important to go through a dealer to ensure proper care is taken in manufacturing and delivery. Specialized trucks and equipment are provided to transport and install the heavy stone, allowing for adequate safety and care. This makes for an easy and stress free process that many home owners and renovators welcome in a time of high emotions and circumstance.
Travertine can add elegance and beauty to a home without much difficulty. Be sure to look at the other stone materials such as marble, granite, limestone and quartzite, all of which have certain appealing features that may not have been discovered. Check with your neighborhood stone dealer when deciding on floor tiles, wall tiles, or countertops. A stone investment could be just what you are looking for.