Tile Backsplash - Choose a BeautifulTile Backsplash for Your Kitchen

tile backsplashA beautiful kitchen is functional, practical and aesthetically pleasing. Function and practicality are determined by what items your will have in your kitchen, such as a double wall oven, ceramic top range, or built-in microwave. The real beauty comes in the finishes you choose for your kitchen. Right from the flooring to the lighting and everything in between, your choices make it both personal and stunning.
One of the most eye catching finishes in your kitchen can certainly be your tile backsplash. Depending on the area to be covered, a tile backsplash can make a bold and exquisite statement or a subtle, charming one. Your choice of tile is only limited to your tastes, imagination and your budget. Your tile backsplash should create a focal point in your kitchen and enhance the beauty of your countertops. Take sample tile pieces of a matching stone and one for accents home and then decide what really catches your eye.
A backsplash is meant to cover the void between the countertops and the cabinetry. Its functionality is to protect the bare walls from water or food splash damage as well as from the heat of cooking appliances. Some designs incorporate a more durable material such as steel behind the stove top, and a durable yet appealing material such as natural stone above the countertops. With the right backsplash, you can get function and elegance. With so many materials to choose from, it isn't hard to see why this decision can become a very personal one. Natural stone is always an excellent choice for a tile backsplash as it is both durable and beautiful. You can create a visual impact that is as unique as you are. Natural stone tiles have an individual flare as there really are no two that are exactly alike. So whether you choose granite, marble or travertine, you can be assured that your backsplash will have an elgant uniqueness that you can enjoy for many years to come.
Once you have an idea of what you would like your backsplash to look like, you should decide on a budget. Your tile backsplash can be one of the finishes in your kitchen that you can spend a little more on as the area to cover is generally modest in comparison to the other areas you will have to cover. While your flooring and countertops have a larger area and you may want to keep a tight budget in mind, your backsplash will cover a lot less, so your can splurge a little on the tile you choose for this purpose. Your backsplash will be a main visual attraction no matter where you look in your kitchen, so why not get the look you really want. Your countertops and flooring can be of a little more conservative tile colour and design, and let your backsplash give the wow factor. One way to create a unique and classy look to your backsplash is to add some tiles of a different colour or pattern at various intervals to add to the visual appeal of your space.
Whatever you decide for your tile backsplash, whether its neutral or colourful, bold or subtle, you can be assured that a natural stone bascksplash will serve you well.