Tile and Marble – Understand the Benefits of Tile and Marble for Your Home

tile and marbleLuxury and Versatility
Marble is one of the rare building materials that can immediately bring a sense of style and elegance to any home décor. Marble is available in an array of colours and finishes that promote its usage in any room of the home for a number of different purposes.
Including marble elements in any home remodeling project is one of the best ways to liven up the look of any room and increase the resale value of your home. Marble typically lasts a very long time and it is considered to be a worthy investment; it provides outstanding benefits while increasing the overall enjoyment of the home.
Marble tiles take all of the benefits of marble and add an element of versatility. Tiles can be easily cut and shaped to fit in smaller and more unique locations than larger slabs of marble. A marble tile that breaks is easily removed and replaced with minimal disturbance to the surrounding area. Marble tiles are also more affordable and readily available than slabs. This makes it easier for more people to afford marble tiles in their homes and enjoy all of the benefits that they bring.
Common Uses of Marble Tile
Marble is durable and it is commonly used as a flooring tile. Marble has a hardness rating that makes it a great choice for high traffic areas of the home such as the kitchen, entryway and foyer. Using marble tiling in the entryway is an excellent way to make a solid impression on guests entering the home.
Polished and sealed marble can withstand a lot of wear while retaining its beautiful appearance. Tumbled marble is designed to provide an aged and textured appearance. This type of marble is a perfect example of how natural stone can be used to create an attractive, rustic appearance in any room.
The look of marble is leading to new types of uses for tiles. More people are choosing marble tiles as a way to improve the look of their homes by installing them as:
  • The outline around a fireplace
  • A backsplash in the kitchen
  • A countertop
  • Shower tiles
It is important to note that marble on its own is a porous stone, but it can be sealed to allow its usage in areas where it will encounter water and moisture. This is especially important when it is used as a bathroom tile or as a countertop tile.
An Attractive Look to Fit Any Décor
One of the biggest advantages to choosing marble tiles is the ability to find it in a wide range of colours. Marble is naturally found in a lot of vibrant colours and shades allowing it to be used in almost any existing room decor. Marble tiling is a great way to add colour and character to your home that will last a very long time.
Marble tiles (especially sealed marble) are exceptionally convenient to clean. You can usually wipe it down using simple soap and water.
Instantly add class and charm to your home today by including marble tiles in your home renovation. Contact a natural stone dealer today to find out how marble tiles are a great investment for your home.