Using the Right Marble Slab in Toronto for Your Toronto Business Renovation

Using the Right Mable Slab in Toronto when Renovating Your Toronto Business

If you’re looking for a way to add prestige and elegance to your Toronto office or store, consider renovating with the right marble slab in Toronto.

Prestige of Marble

Marble adds a sense of majesty to your business. It’s known to be an expensive construction material, out of the reach of many homeowners who renovate their houses. When you add marble slab to your Toronto business renovation, you’re conveying a message of wealth and stability to your customers.
There are many places where you can incorporate marble. You can use it in entryways, fireplaces, countertops, wall décor, furniture and almost anywhere else in the office. The right marble slab in Toronto can be used for flooring as well, but will require frequent resealing to keep it stain-resistant. Before you use it for flooring, consider how much traffic the floor will see, what kind, and the local climate. Do you really want hundreds of customers walking across your marble floor in their slush-encrusted boots each week?

Caring for Marble

The number one enemy of marble is acidic liquids. If you have a restaurant, you may want to use a different material for tabletops and countertops. Fruit juices, wine, vinegar and other acidic foods and beverages will leave pits in your marble if the spill isn’t wiped immediately. Consider using marble in your décor but selecting granite or another durable stone for the eating surfaces and floor.
The softness of marble leaves it vulnerable to chipping, scratching and staining. You can protect your investment by sealing the marble on a regular basis. Annually is usually enough, but if the area is used often, consider resealing more frequently so that your marble is protected.
It is easy to clean marble. Just wipe it with a soft, damp cloth a couple of times of week. This will keep it looking glossy and at its best. A touch of marble polish will also keep your marble’s lustre.

Choosing the Right Marble for Your Business

Not all Toronto businesses are the same, so you need to choose the right marble slab for your store or office. There are many types of marble to choose from, so it’s worth visiting a Toronto showroom to see the marble slabs for yourself.
Consider what your business needs. If you’re choosing marble for a store, pick a neutral shade that will work with your merchandise. For offices, consider the colour and style of the furnishings, since some marble colours may match stainless steel well, while others match light or dark types of wood. If you’re running a spa or another business that will need a large amount of marble, it may be worth visiting a quarry to ensure that the marble steps to the whirlpool match the pattern of the floor or wall tiles.
Fortunately, marble doesn’t tend to come in fade colours that peak and then fade from popularity. This classic stone will retain its regal good looks – with some help from you or your cleaning staff – and stay in style.
The right marble slab in Toronto is a good choice for Toronto businesses who want the timeless elegance and unmatchable beauty of marble.