The Granite – Consider Granite for Your Next Tile or Countertop Purchase

the graniteWhat is Granite?
Granite is a naturally occurring igneous form of rock that has a granular nature. Granite is naturally formed by magma that has been subjected to extreme heat and pressure over a long period of time. The result is a rock that has a hardness rating second only to diamonds. The hardness of granite has led to its usage as a construction material throughout time.
Granite is present throughout the Earth's crust but it typically occurs in smaller deposits that are situated at greater depths. Traditionally this made granite a rare material and it was only afforded by wealthy people for use in their homes. With improved mining and extraction techniques granite is now more widely available and affordable. It is still one of the most premium building materials available, but more families are able to afford to use granite in their homes.
Common Uses of Granite in the Home
Granite offers many unique benefits that make it a preferred material in the home. One of the major benefits is the incredible durability that granite presents. The hardness that is characteristic of granite makes it an ideal choice for both flooring and for countertops.
Granite is a naturally rough textured material, but it is often polished and finished to a mirror-like finish. Polished granite instantly brings a look of style and elegance to any home that can be enjoyed longer than almost any other type of building material.
Granite flooring is one of the best materials to use for high-traffic areas that are constantly under a lot of stress and require strong load-bearing characteristics. Sealed granite offers exceptional moisture, scratch and bacteria resistance properties as well. These properties have led to its usage as a premium countertop material. Granite countertops are one of the most coveted types of countertops available today due to the natural beauty and durability it offers.
The same properties that make granite an excellent option for a countertop material also make it a good choice for bathroom tiles. Whether granite tiles are used on the floor or the wall, they can easily handle the extra moisture that is frequently present in the bathroom.
In some instances custom granite options are available as well. The best natural stone dealers may offer granite tabletops and other types of granite furniture that will make a bold addition to any room.
Cost Versus Value
Granite is more readily available now, but it is still a premium building material with a premium price tag. Exotic and rare types of granite such as Brazilian granite are even more expensive still. When the durability of granite is taken into consideration in comparison to other traditional materials, it is obvious that granite provides excellent value for the money.
Choosing a granite countertop or flooring for your home is a great investment that will offer strong return on investment if you ever decide to sell. These granite additions are often major selling features for homes that are on the real estate market.
Contact a natural stone dealer today to see how granite can revitalize the look and feel of your home.