Stone Counters Make Beautiful Additions for Both Kitchens and Bathrooms

The Upgrade that Pays
Stone Counters Make Beautiful Additions for Both Kitchens and BathroomsUpgrading your important rooms in your home should do more than just add a refreshing new look to tired styles. By renovating certain rooms, such as the kitchen or bathroom, a home's value will not only increase but the usability and functionality of the space will also greatly improve. The challenge is not knowing when a homeowner will want to sell their home. If a homeowner upgrades their kitchen or bathroom countertops now and decides to sell in five years, they could already be worn down, or out of style by then.
By investing in stone countertops, homeowners can be rest assured that this upgrade will always be in style and will maintain its style and beauty for years to come. Marble and granite countertops are a hot selling feature in any home, so this type of renovation can be considered an investment, as well as a necessity.
Durable and Functional
Materials such as ceramic and linoleum simply cannot compete with the strength of stone. Marble and granite are earth substances that have been crystallized and strengthened making them the most durable materials available for countertops. There are a variety of added bonuses if you select a material such as granite for your countertops. When used for a kitchen countertop, granite truly is a chef's dream. It can withstand intense temperatures so accidental contact with hot pots and pans will not affect the finish while utensils will not scratch the surfaces of your countertops. Chefs can prep and cook with ease knowing that granite can only be scratched by other rocks, such as diamonds.
Cleaning and Sanitizing
Maintaining a sanitary cooking environment is one of the most important aspects of the food preparation process. Once you have completed your cooking frenzy, cleaning is a complete breeze as marble and granite can be easily wiped down with a clean cloth. Neither stone is porous, meaning that bacteria, mold and mildew have a difficult time adhering to their surfaces. With marble or granite countertops, your kitchen can maintain a sanitary environment that is safe for you and your family.
Beyond all of the practicalities of investing in stone countertops, there can be no denying that out of all the other options available for upgrading your bathroom or kitchen, marble and granite are the most beautiful. The crystallization process that renders each piece unique makes their stone designs mesmerizing.