Quartzite Countertops – Quartzite Countertops Offer Beauty and Practicality that Lasts

quartzite countertopsA Quick Look at Manufactured Stone
Manufactured stone is quickly becoming a viable alternative building material to natural stone. Quartz is the most common type of manufactured stone available today.  "Engineered” stones use a high ratio of crushed rock quartz, recycled glass, and quality resins and polymers as bonding agents.
The manufactured stone is created by forming a shape out of the mixture and subjecting it to the same types of extreme heat and pressure that forms natural stone in the earth's crust over a long period of time. 
Most Quartz brands have been put through numerous laboratory tests to prove that its surfaces are twice as strong as granite.  It is a surface that is virtually everlasting!  No sealing, polishing or reconditioning is needed -- simply wash with warm water.
Quartz countertops are a great option in homes where food is prepared on the countertops. Quartz has been certified by some sanitation organizations like NSF International for meeting standards for food safety. With e-coli and salmonella becoming more prevalent concerns, these types of hygienic countertops offer additional safeguards for your family. Most spills can be cleaned up simply using a soft cloth and soapy water. 
Choosing Natural Stone: Quartzite Countertops
Quartzite, however, is often chosen for its natural ability to mimic the look of natural marble. Quartzite starts out as sandstone and with heat and pressure underground it crystallizes naturally and then the crystals that bond together can create some amazing patterns.  Marble is one of the most coveted countertop materials available today because of the stunning beauty and elegance that it brings to a kitchen or bathroom.
Quartzite can also look very similar to polished marble but it is much harder than marble. This means that you can have the look of a marble countertop while enjoying the increased durability and hardness that a quartzite countertop offers. Marble can be susceptible to damage from acids, but quartzite is much more resistant.
Quartzite can become the best alternative for homeowners who want the traditional look of marble without marble's porosity and tendency to etch and stain easily.  Quartzite is available in a virtually unlimited range of colours, and offers a wide selection of shades that should appeal to the majority of homeowners. Quartzite also has reduced maintenance than marble; marble will need to be resealed at least annually because it is a porous material, but quartzite is much less porous and the original seal can last a longer time.
Beauty and Practicality that Lasts
The exceptional durability that these countertops offer ensures that you and your family will enjoy your new countertop for a very long time. The beauty, elegance and charm that Quartz and Quartzite countertops instantly bring to a kitchen or bathroom make them an excellent investment for your home. These will allow you to enjoy a regal ambiance and give you the peace of mind of lasting quality and sophistication.