Quartz Countertops Toronto – Discover the Beauty and Durability that Quartz Countertops Offer

quartz countertop torontoInvest in the Appeal of Your Home
A hot real estate market in Toronto has led to many homeowners making the choice to renovate and remodel different rooms in their home. Renovations that use quality building materials are investments that help to greatly increase the resale value of the home as well as generating interest among potential buyers in a competitive housing market.
Toronto homeowners looking to change the look of the kitchen or bathroom should take advantage of the way a new premium countertop can singlehandedly and immediately raise the visual appeal of the room. The elegance and beauty of a natural stone countertop has the ability to invigorate the look of even the most modest kitchen.
If the entire kitchen is being remodeled it is a great idea to start with a premium countertop and then design the rest of the kitchen around this luxurious focal area of the room. Natural stone countertops offer a timeless universal appeal that command attention while integrating favourably into virtually every type of décor.
The Appeal of Quartz Countertops
Quartz countertops are often considered natural stone because they contain a large percentage of quartz (usually over 90%). The quartz is crushed and manufactured into a countertop with the usage of a high quality resin that bonds the quartz together using intense heat and pressure.
The way that quartz is manufactured makes it naturally resistant to heat which is important for countertops. A quartz countertop will resist burns much better than other traditional types of countertop materials even when a hot pot is placed directly on the surface. Quartz is nearly as hard as granite (one of the most popular premium countertop materials available) and offers similar durability expectations.
Quartz countertops rival natural stone countertops in terms of beauty and elegance. They convey the regal and distinguished appearance that many people associate with granite and marble. The ability to manufacture quartz countertops means that it can be fabricated in a huge number of colours, patterns and textures. It also means that the store sample that is selected will accurately match the product that is installed in your home.
Quartz countertops have a low environmental impact in terms of what is required to extract the quartz. The quartz is crushed meaning that any piece of extracted quartz can be used in the process. A marble or granite countertop requires a large slab of the stone to be removed intact from the earth in order to make the countertop.
An Excellent Choice
A quartz countertop should be included in the discussion when considering a new countertop. Engineered stone countertops have been designed to offer many of the amazing benefits offered by natural stone with additional advantages as well.
Exceptional durability and a large number of visual options make quartz countertops a great alternative to traditional premium countertop materials. Whether you choose natural stone or quartz you can rest assured that you will be able to enjoy your investment for a very long time. A quartz countertop is also one of the major selling features that you can have in your home.
Talk to a reputable natural stone dealer in Toronto today to see why more homeowners are now enjoying the benefits of quartz countertops in their homes.