Quartz Countertops – Quart Countertops Rival the Beauty and Durability of Granite

quartz countertopWhat is Quartz?
Quartz is an abundantly available mineral in the Earth's crust. Quartz crystals have become an integral part in watches all over the world. Quartz crystals are also used for many different uses such as sandpaper, glass and computer components.
Quartz is a beautiful mineral that comes in a lot of different varieties and colours that have led to its usage in our homes.
Quartz vs. Granite Countertops
One of the most predominant uses for quartz in the home is as a countertop material. Quartz countertops are a direct competitor to natural stone countertop materials such as granite. Quartz countertops are considered engineered stone because they are manufactured.
A natural stone countertop requires that a large slab of the material is removed from the earth and remains intact until it is shaped and smoothed into a countertop for your home. Engineered stone takes a natural mineral like quartz and combines it with a binder such as resin to create the shape of the countertop. The abundance of quartz in the world means that quartz countertops are much more available than granite and marble countertops.
When you are deciding on what type of quartz or granite to use for your countertop it is important to remember that each piece of granite in the world is uniquely different. This means that the sample you see in a store will vary at least slightly from the product that is installed in your home.
The hardness of quartz rivals that of granite. A manufactured quartz countertop is subjected to the same types of intense heat and high pressure that naturally forms granite deposits. This allows quartz to be nearly as hard as granite and offer similar durability.
An Option for Every Taste
Since quartz countertops are manufactured, the buyer has a wider selection of colours, textures and finishes than are available with natural stone. This means that you can find the perfect countertop for any kitchen or bathroom décor you have in mind.
Engineered stone such as quartz offers enhanced defense against bacteria because it is non-porous. Granite and other types of natural stone must consistently be resealed in order to offer the same levels of bacteria defense. Engineered stone also has increased stain and water resistance.
Many people feel that granite is the best possible material available for countertops, but quartz countertops are quickly becoming a solid alternative. The price points for each option are fairly similar and each one has its own unique advantages. Some people will prefer the natural beauty of granite while others will gravitate towards the minimal maintenance offered by quartz. No matter what material is chosen, the countertop will last a very long time and improve the overall look of the home immediately.
The beauty and long-term durability offered by quartz countertops have allowed them to ascend to the upper-class of the countertop industry. Quartz countertops continue to evolve and become an even bigger competitor to granite countertops. Contact a dealer today to see how a quartz countertop can improve your home.