Using Premium Porcelain Slab, GTA Homeowners Get Beauty, Strength and Versatility

Over the centuries, the word ‘porcelain’ has come to occupy a special place in the hearts and minds of many people around the world, becoming a virtual shorthand to describe something of exquisite beauty, style and elegance. While many people might first think of porcelain in the context of delicate figurines or antique tea sets, others are discovering the benefits of designing and planning home renovations around the use of premium porcelain slab. GTA homeowners, especially those who hold the combination of beauty and strength as paramount considerations of kitchen renovation or bathroom remodelling projects, understand the benefits afforded to them by working with porcelain tiles.

Astonishing Strength

While the reputation of porcelain involves delicacy and intricacy, you should not be tricked into thinking that there isn’t astounding strength in this remarkable material. Thanks in part to a firing process that involves heating to beyond 1,400 degrees Celsius, porcelain floor tiles or porcelain wall tiles have the strength to withstand just about anything that could possibly be thrown at them in day-to-day life. In addition to incredible resistance to impact and abrasion, porcelain tile flooring is also virtually impermeable to moisture, meaning that it is almost impossible to stain and offers innate anti-bacterial qualities, keeping your living space as clean as it is beautiful.

Limitless Variety

People tend to fall into one of two categories: planners and free-wheelers. For planners undertaking a home renovation project, everything is arranged and accounted for before the first dollar is spent or the first nail is pulled or hammered. If you’re a planner, you know exactly what you want down to the very last detail, and everything is set to work together like an intricate clockwork masterpiece. A free-wheeler is more likely to take a more laid-back approach. They may have a vague idea of what they’d like in a finished product, but inspiration and the opinion of others are likely to have a much more prominent impact on the way the end result looks. What do these two types of people have in common? The need for a GTA home renovation supplier to have a wide selection. Without a huge variety of stock, the planner is less likely to find just what they need to complete their dream home, and the free-wheeler is unlikely to find the right inspiration for the important pieces. To both of these problems, the answer is porcelain tiling. Since the manufacturing process is incredibly customizable, just about any colour scheme or style imaginable can be accommodated, meaning that no matter what you have planned, or where your inspiration takes you, your kitchen remodelling project or bathroom renovation will feature seamlessly matched porcelain fixtures.
For strength, ease of maintenance, value for money and unparalleled beauty, there’s simply no substitute for premium porcelain slab. GTA suppliers can match tile colours and styles to just about anything you have in mind for your next project, and the results will leave you satisfied for years to come.