Porcelain Slab Widely Used in the GTA Is a Countertop Alternative for GTA Homes

Porcelain Slab Widely Used in the GTA as a Countertop Alternative in GTA Homes

While natural stone surfaces, such as marble, are highly revered for their natural beauty, many homeowners find that the level of maintenance and care necessary to keep their surfaces scratch or stain-free is simply overbearing.  Porcelain slab widely used in the GTA and porcelain tiles offer a terrific alternative for GTA homeowners looking for a versatile and low maintenance surface that doesn’t sacrifice the beauty of the homes. Scratching and staining is bound to happen over time with natural stone. For some homeowners, this can serve to add character to the stone itself, while for others, it can be a constant reminder of when they last spilled a glass of wine on the counter. Parents with young children know that minor accidents are nearly impossible to prevent, making it difficult for them to feel comfortable about investing in natural stone countertops or floors. So, what makes porcelain suitable for home use?

Rated for Exterior Use

Porcelain is an extremely durable, versatile and low maintenance material that is strong enough to be suited for outdoor use. This helps homeowners and home designers to create continuity between their indoor and outdoor kitchens. Of course, its durability has made it popular for use in the bathroom and kitchen for flooring, walls and even countertop surfaces. While granite is widely considered one of the most durable stone surfaces, porcelain rates to be even stronger and more resistant to scratching and staining.

Highly Functional

Perhaps one of the greatest features of porcelain surfaces is that they are highly functional and suitable for home use, even in areas that encounter heavy use or foot traffic. Porcelain slab widely used in the GTA will be heat and scratch resistant, non-porous and low maintenance, meaning it will be easy to keep your space looking clean and new. Porcelain combines the utility and durability of natural stone surfaces into a more easily maintainable alternative that does not sacrifice in terms of its overall beauty. This has made porcelain a popular alternative for countertops in both the kitchen and bathroom, where there is a higher frequency of use.

Integral Sinks

Many homeowners that choose to install porcelain countertops in their kitchens or bathrooms also have integral sinks created by their porcelain slab fabricator. While some natural stones can typically restrict the colour of your sink, porcelain sinks can be produced in colour and pattern matching material. Porcelain is so versatile that it may even be installed over your existing countertop.
Unlike a natural stone countertop, which may be prone to heat and difficult to maintain, porcelain offers a great-looking, highly functional alternative for homeowners looking to add some beauty to their homes. Porcelain is also available in tile as well, making it perfect for the bathroom walls and floor. Natural stone slabs also need to be resealed on a consistent basis. With porcelain, there is no need to worry about resealing, scratching, staining or choosing the wrong cleaning solution. Porcelain slab widely used in the GTA can add utility to your kitchen or bathroom without homeowners having to rush to clean spills. The right countertops and floors can help accentuate the beauty of your home, adding long lasting value and functionality to your living space.