Porcelain Slab: Now Available in Toronto

Countertop Trends: Porcelain Slab is Now Available in Toronto

For many years there’s been a debate about the pros and cons of natural stone countertops vs. manmade surfaces like solid surface or laminate. Well, get ready for a game-changer; meet porcelain slab, the innovative new countertop material that is causing a commotion in interior design! Although this cutting-edge product is not yet available in many North American markets, Toronto and GTA homeowners can find porcelain slab at better area stone suppliers.

What is Porcelain Slab?

Porcelain slab has actually been around since the 1990s, when manufacturers first experimented with making sheets of porcelain large enough to cover countertops. These early products had few advantages over traditional countertop materials, and didn’t gain much traction in the market. Recently, however, new and advanced manufacturing techniques have made it possible to manufacture thin, lightweight, and beautiful porcelain slab that is poised to revolutionize the art of the kitchen countertop.
Porcelain slab is very thin -- approximately ¼” thick. This property gives porcelain slab many advantages, including:
  • Size. Because it is so thin, porcelain slab is lighter than many other countertop materials, and can be manufactured in larger sheets. This means fewer seams necessary, and, for many customers, no seams are needed at all.
  • Ease of installation. Installing a stone countertop can be extremely difficult due to the weight of the slab. It takes time and effort to deal with it properly. Porcelain slab is relatively easy to install.
  • No removal. If you are going to replace an existing countertop, you may be worried about the work involved with removing the old surface. Porcelain slab is so thin that, most times, you can install it right over top of the old counter!
Porcelain slab is also very attractive. The design possibilities are endless, since slabs can be customized to any colour or design. The design is consistent across the slab and throughout the thickness of the material. Your counter can resemble high-gloss porcelain, woodgrain, marble, granite, fabric, metal, or anything else you can imagine. Designers can even upload your own design and create a completely original, customized slab for you.
This new type of countertop has many of the advantages of fine stone, and with none of the drawbacks. It is extraordinarily durable, and some manufacturers estimate that it’s 30% stronger than granite. It can withstand both extreme cold and extreme heat, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is non-porous, so it’s highly resistant to staining – and it almost never chips, cracks, or scratches.

Cutting-Edge Design

In addition, designers are agog over the fact that function can be integrated so completely with design. Integrated sinks are simple to include, and with porcelain slabs the sinks can actually continue the colour and pattern of the counter!
Spanish manufacturers have created porcelain slab countertops that also include integrated induction burners. The visual flow is not interrupted at all, with burners simply placed wherever the customer wants them installed.
Porcelain slab, now available in Toronto, is one of the city’s top home renovation choices. Visit one of Toronto’s fine stone suppliers today and ask about porcelain slab. Catch the first wave of the city’s hottest countertop trend.