The Benefits of Natural Stone Slabs in Toronto Perfect for Businesses and Business Renovations

The Benefits of Natural Stone Slabs in Toronto Perfect for Businesses and Business Renovations

Natural stone slabs in Toronto perfect for Businesses are a financially savvy choice for Toronto business renovations since they convey style, elegance and wealth.

The Benefits of Natural Stone Slabs for Your Business

Natural stone slabs bring more than just their rich, natural beauty to your business. Known as an expensive choice, natural stone brings a sense of majesty while subtly conveying your financial success and stability to your customers. Your designer can help your stone communicate different moods. You can choose an intimidating style to convey your success or one that’s warm and adds depth to the showroom or office, making it friendly and putting customers at ease as soon as they step through the door.
Stone isn’t just for flooring. You can incorporate natural stone slabs into countertops, fireplace designs, entryways, furniture and fixtures, wall mosaics or designs and almost anywhere else in the office or store. For showrooms and stores, choose a neutral colour that won’t compete or clash with your merchandise. For an office, consider the colour of the furnishings before settling on your natural stone slabs.

Natural Stone Benefits

Natural stone in Toronto perfect for businesses adds beauty to your business that can’t be matched by man-made materials. You can also choose stone based on its durability, especially for high-traffic areas like store floors.
Granite is a tremendously popular choice for both business and home renovations. It’s the hardest stone available, making it hard to chip or scratch. You can choose from smooth, honed flat or naturally gauged granite, depending on where you’re using the slabs. For floors, naturally gauged granite may be uneven and cause tripping. It’s important to keep your granite floors and countertops stain-resistant. To do so, reseal every two years. If it’s in a high traffic area, it’s worth resealing on an annual basis or even more often to protect your investment. Granite will not fade, so you can expect to enjoy its natural beauty for decades.
Slate is another popular choice for businesses since it’s almost as hard as granite. Slate is also scratch-resistant and doesn’t break easily. Slate tiles may not be the best floor choice for high traffic areas or areas where there’s a chance of heavy furniture or items dropping since slate does have a tendency to chip around the edge of tiles. You should reseal slate every year to ensure that it stays stain-resistant.
Limestone is softer than granite and slate but harder than marble. The allure of limestone lies in the way it ages. Limestone takes on a weathered, antiqued look that adds a touch of classic style to your business. You will need to reseal limestone every year to ensure that it remains stain-resistant.

Making the Right Choice for Your Toronto Business

If you’re stuck between the rainbow of rich colours of granite and the established appeal of limestone, it’s time to visit a Toronto showroom. By taking the time to visit a showroom and select your natural stone slabs, you’re able to avoid surprises later. Not every slab is the same, even when you look at the same colours. Each has it’s own patterns and varying level of depth.
Natural stone slabs in Toronto perfect for businesses are a savvy investment and a great way to bring prestige to your Toronto office or store.