How to Maintain Natural Stone Slab Surfaces Requiring Care in Toronto

How to Maintain Natural Stone Slab Surfaces Requiring Care in Toronto

One of the most common misconceptions Toronto homeowners have about natural stone slab surfaces requiring care in Toronto is that they are difficult to properly care for and maintain. However, this is simply not the case. While there are a few precautions and restrictions when it comes to cleaning, homeowners can preserve the timeless beauty of their natural stone surfaces with a few simple steps.

Take Care of Spills Immediately

Most natural stones tend to be porous materials, which means that they are prone to absorbing spills and other liquids, which can lead to potential stains. There are two types of stains homeowners should be worried about. Regular staining defaces the stone by leaving a mark, spot or perhaps changing the colour of your stone surface. Etching is a scratch that can be left on your surface if spills are absorbed by your stone surface. Etching can also occur if your surface comes into contact with acidic foods, beverages or cleaning materials. Some of these include items commonly used in the kitchen, such as certain fruits, carbonated beverages, alcohols and household cleaning solutions. When a spill occurs on your natural stone surface, it is important not to wipe the spill, which can cause the damage to spread. Instead, homeowners should blot up spills using a paper towel or other cloth. Day-to-day cleaning and sanitization is simple; just use a damp cloth and mild dish soap. Rinse thoroughly and dry your countertop with a microfiber cloth for a stunning streak-free shine.

Use Heat Pads

Though natural stones do provide added resistance against high temperatures, continued exposure to hot pots and pans can leave a mark on your stone, especially if it is not properly sealed. To prevent physical damage from occurring on your stone surface, it is recommended for homeowners to use heat pads when placing hot pots and pans on the countertop.

Keep Coasters Readily Available

The use of coasters on natural stone slab surfaces requiring care in Toronto helps protect your countertop against two of the main causes of etching. Drinks that are left on the countertop often leave a trail of condensation and minor spills behind. If a drink is sitting unattended on the countertop for long enough, the moisture can begin to sink into your countertop. While homeowners may be conscious of protecting their stone surfaces, keeping coasters readily available helps to promote their use by children and visitors.

Use Cutting Boards when Preparing Food

Natural stones are also lauded for their utility and ability to be hard surfaces that are resistant to scratching. Many homeowners cut on their countertops and natural stone surfaces. Depending on your type of stone, you may be putting the items in your kitchen at risk. Homeowners could be leaving their natural stone surface prone to physical damage such as scratching and cracking. However, even if the countertop is holding up fine, homeowners are likely to dull their knives and other kitchen utensils.
Natural stone slab surfaces requiring care in Toronto are a great way for Toronto homeowners to bring timeless beauty and long-lasting durability into their homes. Proper maintenance and care can help to preserve the sheen of your stone for years to come. Stones should be resealed on a continual basis to ensure they are receiving maximum protection.