Deciding Between Types of Natural Stone Slab in the GTA for Practicality

Deciding Between the Different Types of Natural Stone Slab in the GTA for Practicality

Choosing the right type of natural stone slab in the GTA for Practicality is arguably the most important decision in the design of your kitchens and bathrooms. Adding natural stone to your home is a great way to add to the aesthetic appeal, functionality and resale value of your home. Designing a home has many elements. However, none are a more elegant display of beauty than natural stone slab surfaces. GTA homeowners have been utilizing natural stone surfaces in upscale homes and condos for many years. First time homeowners choosing a natural stone countertop must also consider their choice of complimentary flooring and backsplash options. Edge profiles are often considered the final touch to your natural stone slabs. However, choosing your edge profile early on can help make for a more cohesive design concept. This will also help you feel more comfortable about the decisions you make while your countertop is getting fabricated.

Marble vs. Granite

Many homeowners deciding on a type of natural stone end up choosing between marble and granite. While the two types of stone are very popular for a number of similar building applications, they are indeed very different. Granite serves as a much more utilitarian surface. Being that it is one of the hardest surfaces on the planet, it brings added resistance against heat, scratching and staining. While many prefer granite for its functionality, marble is often the choice for decorative purposes. Marble offers homeowners an elegant surface solution that gives a natural shine to any room. Revered for its high-end gloss and ability to reflect light, marble can really bring a room to life.

The Decision

Each of these surfaces does not sacrifice much in terms of aesthetic appeal or functionality. Ultimately, a homeowner’s decision will be based on their personal preferences and surrounding home décor. Homeowners may also want to consider their attitude about visible wear such as etches and how quickly they typically handle messes. These considerations will help homeowners decide which type of natural stone surface is right for their home.

Caring for Your Stone

As far as maintenance and care is concerned, it is recommended that owners of both marble and granite countertops use coasters, cutting boards and heat pads to protect the long-term beauty of their investment. Daily maintenance and sanitization can be done with a simple damp cloth and mild dish soap. There is no need for special cleaners or household solutions. In fact, acidic substances can actually cause harm to your stones. Your natural stone countertops in the GTA for practicality should be sealed regularly, about once every one to two years, depending on frequency of use.
Natural stone slab surfaces have become a central component of contemporary kitchen designs. Whether installed as countertops, floors or backsplashes, incorporating natural stone into your home design can bring life to any space in your home. Adding elements of natural stone into your home can add value, functionality and long-lasting beauty to your property. Both granite and marble are formidable solutions that work well in any style of home. Unlike many other design trends that come and go, natural stone slab in the GTA for practicality will continue to be a staple in upscale homes for many years to come.