Marble Countertop – A Great Kitchen Choice

marble countertopMarble Makes Great Counters!
No question about it, marble is a great choice for counters. Whether it's for the bathroom or kitchen, marble has a look that enhances its surroundings. But it's the practical advantages that really make a case for spending the extra on premium stone.
Marble is quarried and, because it's a product of nature, no two pieces are alike. The look of an individual piece simply can't be replicated. Although matching pieces of marble can be tricky, a good dealer with a wide stock should have no problem.
Marble is durable and its longevity includes an ability to withstand intense conditions. It doesn't go out of style and is timeless rather than trendy. The colour range of marble can make it work with any kind of décor and, as a good long-term investment, it has very few rivals.
Where it comes From…
Marble is metamorphosed limestone, and it has been used since ancient times. The word most likely comes from the Greek ‘marmaron' or shining stone. Sedimentary rocks metamorphose and usually the base is limestone but it can be dolomite. The result of the metamorphosing is an interlocking mosaic of carbonite crystals, with swirls that are the result of impurities like clay, silt, sand andiron oxides.
Marble is quarried all over the world. Carrara marble from Italy is famous for its white or blue grey colour and Ireland is the source of Connemara marble – green, naturally. In the States, Georgia and Vermont have their own famous quarries. The stone is, of course, popular with sculptors because of its softness, resistance to shattering and the translucent way it invites light, creating a waxy look. Over the years it has evolved into a cultural symbol of refined taste and tradition.
Where it goes To…
That good taste can find its way to your kitchen or bathroom. Once there, it will be the source of much admiration, both for its utility and beauty. But marble does require specialized care.
Marble will scratch, so if it is installed as a kitchen countertop it is necessary to use cutting boards. Matching marble tiles can be a headache or an exciting challenge, depending on your attitude and the depth of your dealer's supply. Although durable, hot items should not be placed directly on marble, for fear of scorching. It's prone to staining, can cloud, and requires periodic resealing to retain its attractiveness. Annual restoration is recommended for countertops.
It might be that the best approach to installing marble, given its expense, is to begin small. Perhaps start with just a bathroom counter or wet-bar top. Both are surfaces that need to be quickly and easily cleaned and marble suits that. And there is the wow and surprise factor of putting a gorgeous piece of stone in those locations.
A good dealer can go a long way to making this purchase work for you. Seek out a specialist in the field and see how big and varied their stock is. Marble is versatile and can take your countertop from an uncelebrated workspace to a source of visual pride and joy.