Marble Toronto

marble torontoHow is marble made?
Metamorphic rock is a rock that has been changed by heat and pressure. In this instance, marble, which is formed from limestone, undergoes a process called recrystallization. The heat and pressure in the earth's crust causes changes in the composition of the limestone. Fossilized materials in the limestone, along with its original carbonate minerals, recrystallize and form large coarse grains. Any impurities that are present in the limestone during this process affect the formation of the marble. The resulting minerals determine the variety of the marble.
Marble ranges in colour, is heavily veined, and shows many grains. Pure white marble is the end product of the metamorphism of unalloyed limestone. Colours and veining in marble is determined by the presence of mineral impurities like silt, sand, and iron oxides (such as hematite and limonite), which previously existed as particles or deposits in the limestone. Marble is classified into three categories, depending on the percentage of magnesium carbonate: dolomite, magnesium, and calcite.
Marble is typically named after the colour of the stone (in Italian) and the location of the quarry from which it is derived. For example, "Bianco” means white in Italian, and Carrara is a quarry in Italy; therefore, Bianco Carrara marble is white marble that comes from the city of Carrara.
Is all marble the same?
"Marble” is an expansive term, especially with regard to the construction industry. Any partly metamorphosed limestone, that has a high density and is capable of taking a polish, can be included in the definition. The construction characterization basically encompasses most massive crystalline rocks that are durable enough to be used commercially. This broad characterization is generally accepted, because the performance and appearance of these rocks is more comparable to marble, than to the actual scientific classifications of such.
Natural marble is extracted from a limited number of quarries worldwide and generally imported as slabs. There is an art to preserving the natural beauty of the stone, and a certain degree of craftsmanship is required to maintain the esthetic, while using marble as a building material. Thus, marble is a tremendous luxury, as it is one of the most expensive materials to use commercially.
In addition to natural stone, there are man-made alternatives available for consideration, such as cultured marble. Cultured marble is a precise mixture of fiberglass resin and crushed marble stone. Whereas the constitution of natural marble is dependent on the environment for production, having variable shape and colour, cultured marble can be made to order.
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Marble for the Artwork of life
Marble is one of the most beautiful building materials on earth and is a highly desirable addition to any home. The natural splendor of the stone has been used throughout time for both building materials in construction, and as an art medium.
With proper care and maintenance, marble can last a lifetime. It is resistant to heat and to breakage. Marble is valued by pastry chefs, because its surface is cooler than room temperature, and it is very smooth to allow for ideal pastry manipulation.
In addition to its physical attributes, marble's primary benefit is its appearance. The iridescence of marble makes it seem like it is glowing, and the variations of colour and pattern make each piece unique and provide a timeless feel.
Look to marble for a variety of home décor projects like:
  • In the kitchen - flooring, countertops and backsplashes
  • Bathroom – flooring, countertops, and shower interiors
  • Laundry room – flooring and countertops
  • Inside living and entertainment areas – wall mosaics and bar countertops
  • Outside living and entertainment areas – patio stones and outdoor bar countertops
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