Marble Slab Toronto – Still in Style

marble slab torontoStyle focused interior designers and homebuilders in Toronto, or any other city for that matter, all have one thing in mind when they step into your home. They immediately begin trying to remember the colours of natural stone that were available on their last trip to their natural stone supplier. There are numerous options to explore when looking at natural stone. More often than not, those designers and homebuilders are thinking of marble, specifically because of the multitude of colours and patterns that are readily available, the ease of maintenance a marble surface provides, and the cleanliness that marble can add to any home.
Anyone who has done interior design work or homebuilding will tell you that one of the most important parts of their process is determining a colour that works well with the space in question, the existing components, and lighting conditions in the chosen location. Working with marble slabs or tiles offers some of the highest combinations of colours and patterns available. A reputable natural stone distributor will have a wide selection for you to peruse and compare. Often times, samples of stones being looked at can be taken home to get a better feel for the material's colour, pattern, and texture in the actual environment for which it is intended.
The total amount of maintenance required for your marble slabs will vary depending on the finish you chose. Usually, marble slabs or tiles with a higher level of polish will require less in terms of sealant. Having said that, it should be mentioned that marble is a porous stone and should be sealed anytime that it is being used in a situation that leads to surface contact with water, or when the stone is exposed to prolonged high levels of humidity, in order to adequately protect the investment made. In the event that deep scratches are somehow made, they can be buffed or polished out without the need to replace the entire surface.
Daily cleaning is no more difficult than any other surface. Surfaces should be wiped daily with warm water and any mild cleaner that doesn't include abrasive ingredients. Use a clean, soft rag when washing marble. Most damage done to natural stone surfaces is caused by dragging coarse dirt or grime across its surface. When marble is kept clean, it naturally resists the growth of mold, mildew, and fungal outbreaks. It doesn't create any dust and can therefore be classified as a hypoallergenic building material ideal for those with children or health concerns.
Examining just a few of the many advantages marble has to offer sheds some light on why so many people love to use marble in their renovations and remodel projects. It's no wonder that marble consistently increases the value of properties and reduces the time that homes remain on the market. Marble has been viewed as a sign of wealth, prosperity, and power for centuries. It may be time to consider the use of this beautiful natural stone the next time your home is in need of a sprucing up.