Marble and Granite Toronto will Make You The Host with the Best!

marble and granite torontoBecome Toronto's Host With the Most!
It's a typical Toronto party. The guests have arrived and are enjoying drinks and food. People are circulating, enjoying themselves, moaning about the tragic Maple Leafs and complaining about traffic and politicians. In other words – having a good time. The guests ebb and flow through the house but – inevitably – they end up in one room. Your kitchen. There is food on the kitchen island, ice in the fridge, and the atmosphere is light and convivial. And the room is also elegant.
The kitchen has gone from being a workhorse to a showcase. Realtors will tell you that a well-designed and modern kitchen is one of the prime components of a house's desirability, and sophisticated finishes enhance the home's long-term resale value.
How to get "that look”
Stone is increasingly one of the ways in which home owners get "that look”. Natural stone materials – granite and marble in particular – have many pluses. The initial expense is quickly covered by a superior aesthetic, enhanced durability, and a resistance to all kinds of specialized wear and tear that can happen in a busy kitchen. Modern stone and stone tiles are easily customized to suit the special requirements of the kitchen. And the ultimate look can be timeless, rather than trendy. Stone does not go out of style. You only have to look back in time to see the truth of this: consider the buildings that are enduring, architectural classics and you will find that one of the common linking denominators is stone.
Granite tiles versus solid Granite
In fact, the argument for stone is so persuasive, that the only real discussion is – what kind? With granite – popular because of its durability and look – the first choice is between tiles or solid stone. Many homeowners are opting for the former. A blend of materials, granite tiles are difficult to tell from the solid granite slabs, and are available in a range of colours, patterns and styles. They are less costly to buy and easier to install than solid granite, but still have the high quality, durability and low maintenance advantages of the stone. Granite is bacteria resistant; unlike wood, for example, it can easily be sanitized. Granite is also stain, scratch and burn resistant and, of course, tiles are easily replaced or reconfigured, should the kitchen design change.
Taking care of Stone
Stone is easily cleaned. There's nothing worse than a dirty kitchen – especially when you have twenty guests coming and you just know they're going to end up around your kitchen island. Stone should be dusted with a cloth and cleaned with mild, non-abrasive soaps. Once every two or three years granite needs to be resealed, and the grouting checked. They are small steps to ensure the longevity of your investment . In fact, given the range of "looks” now available in granite, your toughest task will be to decide which tiles will best suit your taste – and that of the guests who will be thronging your elegant and functional room.