Lime-stone for the Home and its Many Uses

lime-stoneThe popularity of limestone in home décor has increased over the years. This popularity can be partially attributed to the magnificent history of the stone itself. Limestone is a sedimentary rock that forms in water sources, thereby allowing for the deposit of marine organisms and shells. Fossilizations of shells and other sea creatures can often be seen in the limestone itself, making for a beautiful surface as well as a conversation piece. It has been used as a building material for centuries and many ancient limestone buildings are still standing. Limestone comes in a variety of earthy tones and colours. It is these tones that make it an easy stone to match to any décor.
Common Household Limestone Applications
Much like its counterpart marble, limestone has a variety of uses in and around the home. From tiled floors, to countertops, wall tiles to landscape design, limestone really is a beautiful and versatile stone.
  • Countertops – This durable stone is a popular choice as its natural stone and sand colours easily match appliances and kitchen furniture. It is generally less expensive than marble or granite. As long as it is treated and cleaned properly, it will last for a very long time. Its value is evident with resale of your home as well.
  • Floor Tiles – The earthy tones that are naturally occurring in limestone make it a popular choice for floor tiles as it is a neutral tile to match wall paint, furnishings, or artwork too.
  • Wall tiles – Used as a wall tile for a backsplash in a bathroom or kitchen, limestone will make a durable and impressive statement. Limestone as a wall tile would also make an equally impressive conversation piece as an accent wall in a sitting room, living room, or rec-room.
  • Exterior Walkways – A beautiful and durable option for outdoor walkways and pool decks. Its porous nature makes for an ideal surface as it absorbs moisture thereby making it safer to walk on than some other slippery stone surfaces used in these applications. It is this porousness that also allows the stone to take on very unique characteristics over time when used outdoors.
  • Landscape Design – Whether used for patio stones, walkways, pool surrounds, or in various sculpted decorations, limestone is an excellent stone. Its durable nature and eye pleasing designs will enhance any outdoor projects. Stepping stones, pavers, garden accents and retaining walls are just a few of the outdoor uses for this versatile stone.
Limestone is generally a less expensive stone than marble. It has a completely different look as well. Limestone is limited to more earthy and sandy tones but it can have very interesting design elements caused by the fossilization of marine life. Limestone also has a matte finish, as opposed to the high gloss shine of marble. The choice between the two is more a matter of taste and preference, and possibly cost if that comes in to the equation. Limestone floor tile installation is much the same as other stone or tile floors. You need to start with a sturdy and level subfloor. You then apply a grout to adhere the stone to the subfloor, and place the tiles in the pattern that you have previously decided on. Properly installed and cared for limestone will last for generations. It will take on a unique look over time as it ages in your home.