The Many Benefits of Granite and Marble Countertops

Ottawa MarbleInstalling new countertops is a very important aspect of home renovations. This is one feature that more and more homeowners are choosing to invest in by selecting natural stone materials such as marble or granite.
Why Choose Natural Stone?
The benefits of natural stone countertops are numerous. Both marble and granite have been used for thousands of years in fine architecture. Some of the world's most beautiful buildings were constructed with marble and granite and the fact that they are still erect after hundreds of years is a testament to their strength and durability. Not only are marble and granite strong, they are capable of maintaining a look of pristine quality.
Both marble and granite are scratch-resistant and as such are ideal in high-trafficked areas and kitchen countertops that are commonly exposed to sharp objects and cutlery. While both marble and granite are heat-resistant, marble will potentially discolour when it comes in contact with a hot object. It is important to use a placemat or potholder when placing hot cooking dishes on marble countertops. Those who opt for granite have less to worry about as granite countertops will not discolour when they come in contact with hot objects.
While natural stone is more costly than countertop materials such as laminate, they are considered to be a great investment as they add substantial value to any home. Homes with granite or marble countertops have a high market value, meaning that homeowners will receive their return on investment should they decide to install natural stone countertops.
Style and Aesthetics
In addition to being a highly functional material, natural stone offers an aesthetic of elegance and luxury. Its beauty is derived from its uniqueness and no slab of marble or granite is like any other. Granite is a crystallized material so the light reflects off of its countertops differently at various points of the day, showing off layers of stone.
Both marble and granite come in a range of colors and will suit a variety of tastes. Regardless of the desired design scheme, natural stone will always be in style.
Below are some recommended colour options for desired interior looks.
Traditional: For those who are after a clean look, whites and beiges are ideal options when it comes to marble or granite kitchen countertops. These are beautifully matched with any wall colour and can easily blend with new colour schemes down the line.
Modern: Modern kitchens are taking on darker coloured countertops, such as blacks, greys and browns. These are commonly matched with dark oak cabinetry and silver appliances. This trend is often seen in the kitchens of newer homes. Black granite or marble offers a classy look that is both elegant and luxurious.
In the Bathroom: For bathroom countertops, shades of green and blue are frequently used, but this is not a design rule. Marble tiles grant homeowners the opportunity to get creative with their design schemes.
To find out more about the benefits of natural stone countertops, contact your local marble and granite distributor.