The Benefits of Granite Countertops

Cost of Granite Counter TopsCountertops are a very important aspect of any home renovation project. It is vital to weigh the available options and determine which material will not only be a functional and attractive asset in the kitchen or bathroom, but which will add substantial value to your home.
What is Granite?
Traditionally, granite is defined as a very hard, crystalline, granular and intrusive rock that consists mainly of mica, quartz and feldspar. It is formed from the molten rock, liquid magma that is found at the core of the planet. This molten rock cools slowly and forms a substance that is comparable to a diamond in terms of hardness and durability. Its chemical composition is similar to lava but its hardness and density comes from being solidified deep in the earth and under massive pressure.
With beginnings like this, it is easy to see why granite is considered one of the most durable materials to use in construction and renovation projects. Buildings that were erected hundreds of years ago with granite features stand as a true testament of the material's durability and strength.
Granite in the Home
The most popular application for this natural stone in the home is bathroom and kitchen countertops. Although granite is more expensive than cheaper alternatives such as ceramic or laminate, it is considered to be well worth the investment as it is a highly durable. Perfect for the kitchen, granite is scratch-resistant, meaning that an occasional slip of a butcher's knife won't require a complete counter repair. Also, because it is a natural stone, granite can withstand contact with direct sources of heat such as a cooking dish straight from the oven or a hot pot or pan.
Other benefits of granite are that it is easy to keep clean and to maintain. It will not spread bacteria as other countertop materials will do, making it a choice that is conducive to a healthy lifestyle.
Granite is considered to be a highly attractive feature in a home and will increase its worth. Real estate agents highlight aspects such as granite countertops and this will enhance any property's resale value.
Aesthetics and Style
In addition to the practicalities of choosing granite for your kitchen renovations, granite offers a stunning look of luxury and elegance to any home. This natural stone comes in a range of different colours, from pinks, blues, browns and greens to the standard shades of grey, beige and white. Depending on the look you are after, there are always many options to choose from. Some common suggestions are the following:
  • Modern: To achieve a modern look in the kitchen, granite countertops in grey or black are suggested combined with darker wood cabinetry and silver appliances.
  • Traditional: For a more traditional and classic feel, lighter shades of granite such as white and beige are excellent in the kitchen, combined with light oak cabinets.
  • The options are endless when it comes to granite countertops. Contact your local distributor for more information and professional tips on installation.