Kitchen Granite Countertop – It Will Combine Strength and Beauty

kitchen granite countertopBe warned – it will happen to You!
It happens to us all, sooner or later. We're at a friend or colleague's house. A convivial social occasion and, as often happens, you end up congregating in the kitchen. And then it hits with you…
Kitchen Envy.
Your friends have torn up their old laminate floor and replaced it with granite tiles. It looks so good that you start to think about how you are going to afford it. You know the tiles cost more than many other floor coverings – but you're also aware that they are durable and a brilliant long-term investment that will increase the value of the home.
The case for granite Tiles.
Strength and beauty come together in granite tiles. A blend of materials, tiles are hard to differentiate from solid granite slabs. Tiles come in a variety of colours, patterns and styles and are less costly, easier to install and extremely low in maintenance. Their toughness is an asset; they are stain, scratch and burn resistant, and replacement is easy. When granite or granite tiles are used as a countertop there are other advantages as well – including the fact that stone is bacteria and heat resistant.
The care and treatment of Granite
Maintenance is a breeze with granite. For flooring, sand, grit and dirt can damage stone surfaces because they are abrasives. Vacuuming is fine but a dust mop works well too. Damp mopping is advised; there are special cleaners but good old fashioned soap (not detergent) will do the trick. Some cleaning products can dull the floors lustre: avoid products that contain lemon juice, vinegar and other acids, abrasive or ammonia-based cleaners.
Stone floors can benefit from sealing. Here is where a professional is advised. The sealing will make it less porous, more stain resistant and will protect the stone's original beauty.
The best dealer for your stone flooring needs…
There are, of course, any number of home renovation dealers who can sell and install a limestone floor or counter that will cure your case of kitchen envy. But not all dealers are created equal. Rather than go to one of the big international chains, search out a local importer and distributor who specializes in flooring. If stone is their sole source of income they are going to be focused on giving you the best possible assistance. Look for a dealer who has some decades of experience under its belt; this is a highly specialized industry that requires in-depth knowledge both of the product being sold, and its correct installation. Find out how much stock the company carries – do they actually have a sufficient quantity of the stone you desire to uniformly upgrade the entire area in question? And check out what warranties they offer.
Granite floors and counters enhance the beauty of your kitchen, giving it the look of luxury and class. With a professional on the job, it is easily installed, and will last a lifetime. And you will go from being envious of your friend's kitchen – to being a host who is proud to welcome your guests into your own.