Stone Countertops Are Not Only Practical, But Will Increase Your Home’s Value

A Wise Investment
Stone CountertopsThere are a variety of reasons to select stone as the material for your kitchen or bathroom countertops. Not only are granite and marble stunning to look at, the high quality of stone will make any upgrade well worth the investment. With granite, marble or any other natural stone featured in your home's design, the value will increase. Should you not be looking for resale value, using these products are still well worth the investment. The average upgrade using ceramic or linoleum will only need to be upgraded in a short number of years to adhere to constantly changing styles. These materials also do not hold up to wear and tear as well as stone countertops do, so they will physically not last as long. This means having to put more money into repetitive upgrades down the line.

Quality First
So what makes stone the best choice for countertops? To begin with, marble is the ideal choice for a kitchen for a variety of reasons. It is, without a doubt, the most sanitary option for a kitchen due to its texture. Other materials tend to be highly porous, which means they will hang on to unwanted mould and bacteria. Mould and bacteria cause illnesses and can get into food – an unideal health situation. Mildew does not grip onto the non-porous texture of granite, therefore, it is a much more sanitary option.
Not only do these stones repel mould, mildew and bacteria, cleaning granite and marble countertops is extremely easy and does not require intense elbow grease. Daily cleaning requires a simple wipe with a clean cloth and granite will not retain stains, as the surface does not allow it to absorb spills.
In terms of longevity, homeowners are always satisfied with how well their marble and granite countertops withstand everyday contact and use. These stone surfaces can only be scratched with diamonds or other stones and are highly resistant to heat.
Aesthetically Pleasing
Beyond the practical reasons for choosing marble or granite for your countertops, there is no denying that these natural stones are highly pleasing to the eye. Any room instantly gives off a luxurious and elegant feel when it is enhanced by natural stone designs. As they are natural materials derived from earth, no two pieces of stone are exactly like another, allowing homeowners to put their signature on their newly styalized home.