Toronto Granite Tile Retailer Tips: Why homeowners should use granite tile

Toronto Granite TileDeciding to renovate one's home is usually a costly decision. However, it is one of the best ways to increase the value of a home, so when it comes time to sell, a homeowner can make the most of their situation. Having said that, there are still ways a homeowner can save money during the re-modeling process, without diminishing the quality of the final results. Unlike materials like laminate, which are inexpensive but also sacrifice value in terms of investment returns, granite tiles are able to offer all the benefits of solid granite, but at a much lower price.
What is the difference between solid granite and granite tile?
There are not many differences between solid granite, and granite tile countertops, making it difficult for those not "in-the-know” to make an appropriate decision. Both solid granite and granite tile countertops are comprised of the natural stone - granite - and are offered in a tremendous assortment of colours, patterns, and styles, while also being very functional as either countertops, table and bar tops, flooring, and so on.
The only thing really distinguishing the two materials is the fact that solid granite is exactly that - solid granite - and granite tiles often consist of a blend of minerals such as:
  • Mica
  • Feldspar
  • Quartz
Why use granite tiles for countertops?
Granite tiles are one of the best natural materials to use for designing countertops and is not only one of the most sought after countertop options, but also one of the most recommended by experts in cases where homeowner want to save money without giving up quality - which is safe to say is the majority of renovation cases. Working with granite tile to design countertops within a kitchen provides numerous benefits. Some of the advantages include:
  • Less costly than other top quality materials
  • A high quality countertop source
  • Low maintenance both in terms of cleaning and replacing damages
  • Efficient installation
Cost Effective
Granite tile countertops are a logical choice for homeowners because it is one of the rare home decor options that offers great quality, performance, and longevity, but at a lower cost than other natural stone materials offering the same benefits.
High Quality
Granite tile is known for giving the same benefits as solid granite, but at a more thrifty price. These advantages include:
  • Stain resistant
  • Scratch resistant
  • Burn resistant
Also, like solid granite, granite tiles come in a wide selection of colours and patterns to choose from.
Low Maintenance
Granite tile countertops require much less attention and care, especially when compared to the level of maintenance required by other natural stones. Unlike solid natural stone pieces, granite tiles can be easily replaced if damaged. Rather than replacing the entire countertop, only the affected areas, or tiles, can be replaced, requiring much less time and money.
Efficient Installation
Installing granite tiles is a far more efficient task than installing solid, natural stone countertops. Because granite tile countertops take much less time to build, this translates into requiring less time of the installer, and therefore a less expensive installation fee. Also, not only do homeowners save money, but time as well. Homeowners can see their final, granite tile countertops in much less time it would take with solid stones and furthermore, homeowners do not have to dedicate as much time out of their schedule to advise the installation process.