Why a Natural Stone Bar Counter is the Best Choice for Your In-Home Bar

How a Bar Counter Adds to a Glorious Home
The Beauty of Natural Stone Becomes the Crowning Jewel of the In-home BarHomes are more than just a place to sleep and eat and store your things. They are a place to entertain and they have become a place to retreat and relax; a familiar haven away from the busy world, when one is craving sanctuary.
An in-home bar is an ideal element of both indoor and outdoor kitchens, recreational rooms and bedroom suites. The option of adding a bar to the home is for anyone who feels that their home is more than just shelter.
More than luxury, bars are convenient, they save the time and trouble of fetching refreshment items from other areas of the house. Bars are also functional; they utilize space, provide storage, and, depending on the type and location of the bar, provide extra counter space for serving or dining.
In addition to being luxurious, convenient and functional; a bar is a unique addition to the home, custom-made to complement even the most lavish of décor and tailored to suit the customers lifestyle and esthetic tastes.
Generally there are two types of bars; wet and dry. The only difference between the two is that a wet bar has a sink installed. The intended function of the bar indicates which type is most adequate, along with any required accessories such as drain boards or trivets.
The most important feature of an in home bar is the countertop – the appearance of the countertop ties a room together and expresses the unique taste of the customer. An extremely popular choice for bar countertops is natural stone, most prevalently marble or granite and depending on the type of bar being installed the colour and style options are virtually endless.
Marble Celebrated
"Marble” is an expansive term, especially with regard to the construction industry. Any partly metamorphosed limestone that has a high density and is capable of taking a polish can be included in the definition. The construction characterization basically encompasses most massive crystalline rocks that are durable enough to be used commercially.
Natural marble is extracted from a limited number of quarries worldwide and generally imported as slabs. There is an art to preserving the natural beauty of the stone and a certain degree of craftsmanship is required to maintain the esthetic while using marble as a building material, thus marble is a tremendous luxury and therefore one of the most extravagant materials to use commercially.
Marble, resplendent in its natural beauty, used for centuries as both building material and medium for art would be a dazzling finish on a custom designed bar and with proper care and maintenance, marble can last a lifetime. It is resistant to heat and to breakage and in addition to the physical attributes that marble has, its most apparent benefit is its appearance. Marble has an inherently random appearance that radiates warmth and light. The variations of colour and pattern make each piece unique and provide a classical feel. Marble is an indulgence that signifies sophistication and elegance. The lavishness of a marble countertop would turn an in-home bar into a showcase of unadulterated indulgence.
Granite Exalted
Granite provides the appealing look and strength that can only be found in natural stone. It is the most popular stone commercially speaking because it is one of the hardest and most durable. The strength and durability of granite would be invaluable to a bar countertop and because of it is widely available it is also a more cost effective choice. One advantage in choosing granite for your bar surface is the vast palette of colours and patterns that are available and is a perfect choice to compliment any decorating style. In addition to colour consideration, it should be mentioned that the diversity of the patterns also lend character; each piece is like a unique piece of art.
The hardness of the minerals that comprise granite provides excellent scratch resistance. Also, typically heat resistant, granite can withstand temperatures of 480 degrees Fahrenheit as well as being practically impervious to staining and bacteria retention. The stain resistance of granite can be further reduced by certain methods of fabrication, and with proper care it can be maintained to appear as new as when it was installed. Granite, as a material choice for a bar counter top,  complements every décor, conveying an expensive modern feel to complete the look of your bar.