Italian Marble Tile

Italian Marble Tile
italian marble tileHave you ever dreamed of living in the kind of room featured in designer magazines or in glamorous films? If you're building a new house or renovating your present home, you should investigate the possibility of installing Italian marble flooring. The luxurious look of marble could make your dreams come true!
Here in the Greater Toronto Area, homeowners are fortunate to have reputable stone importers who are willing to take the time to show us through warehouses and showrooms and recommend options to suit our needs. If you're considering Italian marble floor tiles, you owe it to yourself to educate yourself as thoroughly as possible about the advantages and disadvantages of the elegant stone.
Benefits of Marble Floors
The biggest advantage of Italian marble floor tiles is, of course, its beautiful appearance. Italian marble has long been associated with quality and luxury. It's a material featured in palaces of kings and queens, and in some of the world's finest works of art.
Italian marble is available in a wide variety of gorgeous colours, from deepest blacks to pale rose or silver, from azul blues to dark burgundy or dramatically veined green. Most floor tiles are manufactured in neutral shades such as cream, beige, or shades of brown. Tiles are cut from a single large slab of marble so that the colour and patterning will be consistent. When professionally installed using matching grout, the resultant floor will look almost as if it were a single piece of marble.
If you are installing flooring in a large room, you may want to choose a dramatic dark shade or tiles with bold patterning. With its highly glossed surface and beautiful colour, marble flooring can very quickly become the focus of a room.
Marble floors do require an initial investment. On the other hand, with proper care a marble floor will last forever, and will add resale value to your home.
Points To Consider
Some homeowners reject the idea of marble floors because they maintain a cooler temperature. While cool stone floors are a virtue in the summer time, they can be a drawback during a cold winter. For this reason, many people who install marble floors also install radiant floor heat, particularly in bathrooms.
Marble floors may not be as durable as other stone floors. Nicks and scratches are common, especially if furniture is moved without due care and attention. Repairing marble tiles is tricky and should be delegated to professionals.
Acidic substances can stain marble floors unless they've been properly sealed and resealed on a regular basis. And never use cleaning products containing chlorine, which damages the high gloss finish of most marbles.
A final drawback to marble floors is that their smooth surface can become treacherously slippery when wet. For this reason, some manufacturers don't recommend using marble in bathrooms, where water is often splashed onto the floor.
Visit a stone importer's showroom today, and see the wide array of Italian marble on display. You're sure to find a marble that will make your dreams come true!