Italian Marble

italian marbleItalian Marble
If there's one element that immediately lends an air of luxury to your home, it's marble. Marble has a cachet unlike any other material. When we see marble, we associate it with grandeur, royalty, and glamour.
Many people dismiss the idea of purchasing marble, believing that it will be prohibitively expensive. It's true that investing in marble floors, countertops, or decorating accents can require an initial outlay of money. However, this ultimate luxury material adds tremendous resale value to your home -- as well as adding beauty to your life!
Marble is often used for flooring, kitchen or bathroom countertops, or tabletops. The stone can also be used on columns or as wall accents, around bathtubs, windows sills, and fireplace mantels. You may want make marble a centerpiece of your room by using it for a major element like flooring, or you may simply want to include a small amount of marble in a room to add a touch of elegance.
Marble Floors
The most dramatic use of the stone is to opt for marble flooring. Homeowners install marble floors in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. Some designers advise against using the stone in kitchen or bath areas, since it can get very slippery when wet.
Floors are laid with Italian marble tile. Marble tiles come from one piece of marble that has been sliced. While you don't attempt to reassemble the piece, tiles will have similar colour and markings since they originate from the same slab of marble. Italian marble comes in a very wide array of colours. Choose a darker, more somber colour for a large formal space, or a light, airy colour for a smaller, more casual area. Ensure that the grout used between tiles is coloured to match the tiles; this gives the appearance of a single smooth surface.
Marble floors are able to take a high polish that shows off the highlights and colours in the stone. Manufacturers tend to buff marble tile to a high sheen, making it extremely smooth and shiny. This amazing look is what gives marble its luxe reputation. Installing a marble floor can turn an ordinary space into a room fit for Cinderella and her prince!
One drawback to marble is that it is easily scratched and nicked. Moving furniture on a marble floor can be very tricky, and repairing damaged tiles is a job best left to professionals. Marble can also stain easily, with acidic substances such as tomato sauces posing a particular hazard. For this reason, marble flooring is often treated with a chemical sealant that may need to be reapplied every six to twelve months.
Marble floors remain cool in summer, which is a benefit – but they can be cold on the feet in winter. For this reason, some homeowners install radiant floor heating.
When cleaning marble, be sure not to use cleansers containing chlorine. These will ruin the stone's high finish.
Everyday Elegance
Italian marble floors will give your home a luxurious look that can't be matched. If you think marble flooring is for you, visit a Toronto area stone importer and check out the types of tile available. Reputable importers are happy to tour you through their selection of fine stone to help you find the perfect marble for you!