Italian Granite Decorating Ideas

italian graniteItalian Granite Decorating Ideas
Some of the most beautiful granite in the world comes from Italy. Lucky for those of us in the Toronto area, some local stone importers carry a wide selection of Italian granite. This superior stone is beautiful, versatile, and affordable. Italian granite will bring added value to your home, and beauty to your life.
Major Uses of Granite
The most obvious use for Italian granite is for premium countertops. Granite is the number one material used for countertops, due to many properties that make it ideal for the job. These include the ability to withstand heat and high temperatures, strength, hardness, durability, and resistance to water. Of course, the innate beauty of granite also makes it an attractive choice.
Countertops can be built from a slab of granite, or with granite tiles. While slabs are the top choice due to the smooth and beautiful surface created by using a single piece of stone, tiles are less expensive and every bit as efficient -- as long as the seams are properly sealed.
Italian "Bianco” granite is particularly popular for kitchen countertops. Although the name means "white,” the granite is actually a creamy colour, a light neutral shade chosen by many homeowners for its versatility. "Verditalia,” or Italian green granite, on the other hand, is usually chosen for its dramatic depth, colour, and veining. Italian granite is available in a spectacular range of colours and patterns.
A related use for Italian granite is for the backsplash, an integral part of kitchen countertop installation. Backsplashes usually match countertop material, but may also feature a contrasting colour.
Granite floors are also popular, and the kitchen and bathroom are two common locations to install this rich stone flooring. Any touch of granite gives a home a luxurious feel, but granite floors speak truly of elegance. Floors are usually tiled. Sometimes a uniform effect is required, but more and more often, homeowners are opting for floors that use two or more colours arranged in a geometric pattern. One popular design is the honeycomb, which utilizes granite in any number of colours that's cut into six-sided shapes. This type of tile is popular for outdoor use, such as patios and decks. (Granite is one of the few materials that remains unaffected by being frozen and thawed.)
Because it's water resistant, one can even have a granite sink recessed into the countertop, giving a uniform feel to the kitchen. Or granite tiles can be used to line shower stalls.
Granite Accents
Another way to use granite in home décor is to use a small amount as chic accent material; for example, a granite accent above the stovetop is a popular use for the stone. Granite is often used for fireplace facings. Even a granite bowl holding fruit can lend an air of luxury to a room.
There are as many ways to use Italian granite as there are shades and patterns of this durable and attractive material. Visit a local stone importer today to learn more about Italian granite and the many ways it can make your home more beautiful.