Granite Slab Reno Projects in Toronto

Granite Slab in Toronto

Granite slabs are a popular material, used for both internal and external features when renovating or building residential or commercial structures from the ground up in Toronto.  What are the factors to be aware of when choosing this particular material in your construction project?  How is the material bought and what size is considered generally normal for a granite slab? Why exactly are granite slabs so popular in this day and age in Toronto and does it compare favourably to other stone-based materials on the market?

Granite Slabs Composition

When choosing granite, it is good to be aware that it is created from an igneous rock formation that contains the minerals potassium feldspar, plagioclase feldspar, and quartz; various amounts of muscovite, biotite, and hornblende-type amphiboles.  This composition of minerals makes granite a very durable and natural substance.  This mix also gives granite an extremely attractive surface complexion and colouring while allowing it to create varied, beautiful and often one-of-a-kind designs.  This physical appearance can vary due to the melded minerals that exist within it (quartz, feldspar, biotite mica and amphibole) and can come in various hues, shades and tones.  Because of its dense nature, granite lends itself a pleasing shiny and glossy complexion and is less prone to liquid staining over time even though it is a porous material.  A granite slab is a material cut from mined granite rock from a quarry and its commercial size roughly measures between three quarters of an inch thickness to one and a half inch thick.  These sizes of course can be varied if more material is needed. The reason for cutting granite into slabs is to make the material both easier to work with and transport.  On average, the length and width of granite slabs are around 112 inches long and 65 inches wide.  These slabs can weigh up to 12.8 lbs per square foot for three quarters of an inch thickness and up to 18 lbs per square foot for the thicker one and a half inch slab.  Professional and trusted fabricators should only be approached to work and customize granite slabs based on particular clients specifications. The size and weight of these rocks can create a health and safety hazard, and need specialized equipment to transport and alter them.

Granite Slab Applications and Popularity

Granite‚Äôs popularity in Toronto as a material cannot be understated as it has long been used for residential design throughout human history in both public and private structures because of its extremely durable and attractive nature.  It has also been heavily used within the arts as it was, and still is, considered to be an excellent material for sculpture.  Other popular applications for granite slabs are gravestones and memorials, again due to its extremely durable and attractive nature.  However, the more modern and pertinent applications for granite slabs are usually in residential or commercial construction.  Countertops in kitchens and floor tiles are commonly created from granite slabs as its resistance to liquid damage give it a durable edge over other stone materials.  To prolong the life of granite slabs, it can be sealed using either a resin with hydro-repellent or a resin with epoxy.