Granite Slab Fixtures for Your Modern GTA Home

Built to Last

Whether you are a recent home buyer looking to make a modern update to your new house, or a veteran homeowner searching for ways to spice up your kitchen and bathroom design, purchasing a granite, limestone or marble slab in the GTA to transform your countertops is a decision you will not regret. Granite countertops are quality fixtures that provide both beauty and function, as well as peace of mind in knowing that they are a solid solution that will last a lifetime.

Style and Satisfaction

Budgets play a huge role in deciding what features you should incorporate into your new custom kitchen design. Of course, you want to save money, so it is important to be smart and spend your money wisely on key amenities that not only suit your current needs and financial concerns, but ones that will appeal to future buyers and pay off big time later. Granite countertops should be at the top of your "must have” list.

Whether you are looking for elegance and style, or durability and quality, granite will satisfy all of your financial and aesthetic needs, all the while providing a touch of class and added resale value to your home. Turning your Toronto home into a showroom by using granite, marble or limestone is the solid solution for you.


Why Limestone?


Limestone is a dense sedimentary rock that is formed at the bottom of oceans, lakes and other bodies of still water that are rich in calcium deposits. When limestone is broken down and then re-crystallized, it polishes nicely and makes for a decorative stone that can easily be used for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and even flooring.


Limestone is also very aesthetically pleasing to the eye, which is why it is often used in high-end home design. It is usually found in neutral earth tones that fit in nicely with any design style. Because limestone is a relatively porous material, it makes an excellent choice for kitchen backsplashes, fireplace surrounds and exterior applications.


A Personal Touch


The kitchen is almost always the very first room that homeowners decide to renovate when they purchase a new home, so ask your designer for input about granite fixtures because they are something that you can add that will remain relevant for years to come. Granite never goes out of style, which will become especially important if and when you decide to sell your home. This personal and durable touch will benefit you today and others tomorrow.


Every modern kitchen deserves the touch of elegance and personal flair that marble affords any homeowner. And each contemporary bathroom deserves the luxury and functionality offered by granite. These stones may be ancient, but they provide a modern touch to any work surface. The quality of natural marble, as well as quartz and limestone, is unmatched by any synthetic material on the market. Quite simply, man has yet to improve upon nature, so bring that nature into your GTA living space with a traditional granite slab that has been proven to stand the test of time.