Affordable and Luxurious Granite and Marble Slabs for Homes in the GTA

Available throughout the GTA, granite and marble slabs are natural stones which are mined from the earth. While granite is formed from magma with a crystalline structure, marble is an igneous rock which occurs naturally through the metamorphosis of limestone and has a softer, veiny appearance. The hardness, density and durability of granite has made it a popular construction material throughout history, dating back to the 8th century B.C., while marble appears in some of the world’s most amazing buildings from St. Paul’s Basilica in Rome to the courtyard at the Palace of Versailles!
Natural stone slabs such as marble and granite are very popular due to the fact that many homeowners wish to reflect their taste and individuality throughout their homes. Natural stone suppliers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) have responded to these desires by offering products in a wide range of patterns, colours and edging. Granite slabs are available in an incredible array of unique and sumptuous patterns and colours to suit every predilection, while the dazzling whiteness of marble can open up and add an air of opulence to a previously small, dark and unremarkable space.
Granite has become a very popular choice for kitchen countertops in the GTA and it’s not difficult to see why. The kitchen is the social heart of the home which facilitates every activity from cooking to entertaining to homework. A granite countertop is not only a functional addition to any kitchen but it’s also a beautiful centrepiece which can transform an ordinary room. But granite is not only an excellent material for countertops; it performs beautifully as a dining tabletop and bathroom vanity. Synthetic materials are no match for granite; its benefits are wide-ranging and include being almost impervious to stains, heat and chips. Although granite is surprisingly resilient against tough stains such as citric acids, coffee and wine, it is recommended that you quickly wipe up spills and do not allow liquid to settle overnight. If you do decide to sell your property, it is possible to return granite fixtures to their original pristine finish.
The existence of buildings such as the Parthenon, built in the sixth century B.C., is testament to the endurance of marble as a building material. Countertops made from slabs of marble are an excellent investment which add character, purity and elegance to any kitchen. Marble slabs are also a popular choice for the manufacture of bathroom vanities, fireplace surrounds, hearths and floor tiles in the GTA.
Contrary to popular belief, granite and marble are low maintenance and easy to care for. A clean cloth, hot water and a mild soap will keep your granite product in top condition. However, applying a sealant to your marble product will help prevent stains by ensuring that the spillage remains on the surface of your stone, preventing absorption and giving you a brief window to remove the spillage and avoid staining. It is important to purchase marble slabs from companies in the GTA which offer informed and experienced assistance and a variety of maintenance products such as stone enhancers, sealants and cleaners for natural stone.
Whether building or renovating your home, choosing granite and marble slabs not only adds a unique and striking beauty, it may even increase the value of your home. These beautiful natural works of art are available throughout the GTA and are more affordable than you think!