Granite and Marble Slab for GTA Homes – Which is Best?

Natural stones are a true work of art created by Mother Earth herself; no wonder granite and marble slabs are popular with GTA homeowners. Each slab of granite and marble is a genuine masterpiece and no two pieces are ever the same, giving natural stones such as these their respective exclusivity and acclaim. Whether used as a countertop in the kitchen or a vanity in the bathroom, a granite and marble slab can be cut out into multiple shapes and styles but which natural stone is best? Ultimately, GTA homeowners have to make the subjective decision for themselves, since beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Read on to learn the differences between a granite and marble slab and how they each can add value to GTA homes.

About Granite

Granite is commonly the favourable choice among GTA homeowners for kitchen countertops, vanities and other areas of high use because of its long-lasting durability and unique natural appearance that blends well with modern accents.  Each granite slab has a unique pattern making it a true piece of art, though other slabs of the same colour can be found for continuity in the home. One of the hardest natural stones, granite is great for high-use areas and requires little maintenance.

Hardness and Durability

Granite is very dense and therefore extremely hard and durable.  It is an igneous stone found underneath the Earth where it started out as magma that cooled down and experienced an intense amount of pressure over a long amount of time, similar to diamonds. And just like diamonds, granite is extremely hard and strong.  They say the darker the granite, the harder it is. Because of its strength and durability, granite is a great choice in for kitchen countertops or vanities. Granite is also a popular choice for flooring applications in commercial buildings that experience high foot traffic.  If durability and longevity is preferred, granite is definitely the way to go.

About Marble

Marble is historically known for its luxurious, elegant and timeless beauty.  It is one of the most highly regarded of the natural stones strictly for its beauty and classic look. Though not as hard as granite, marble is used in everything from ancient statues to modern kitchens. Like most soft and beautiful objects, marble requires more maintenance than granite and is usually chosen for beauty over practicality.

The Beauty of Marble

The glimmering beauty of marble is a result of millions of years of the metamorphism of natural minerals such as limestone or dolomite. The metamorphic rock results in a shimmery mosaic of crystals and when impurities such as clay or iron oxides join the mineral composition, colourful swirls and veins are produced. Like granite, every slab of marble is a truly a unique work of art and there are no two pieces that are alike. Though beautiful, marble is a softer stone and best used for its beauty over its durability, hence the reason why it was so popular with ancient sculptors. The use of marble slab for counter space in the kitchen and through the home will surely catch the eyes of guests but will require constant maintenance and sealing over its lifespan.
Ultimately, it is up to GTA homeowners to decide for themselves which is best; what characteristics and possibilities they like best in granite and marble slabs.