Will Heating Ruin The Natural Stone

Will Heating Ruin Natural Stone?


I love using my computer on my natural stone island in my kitchen, especially when cooking. But, my laptop tends to heat up a lot. Should I be worried that the stone will become ruined by the heat? 


By Interstone Marble and Granite Limited

The stone should not be ruined, per se; but do you have a lot of fissures within your stone where you like to work?  The heat COULD open up a fissure – it is a longshot but things happen sometimes. 


But, more than likely, this kind of situation can happen when the heat you put on there is straight from the oven hot and not necessarily with a laptop.

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Great information, especially considering the extra heat we have been having this summer. Thanks!
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8 years ago
the information is very informative and new. Thanks for the amazing advice. I will definitely take your suggestions into action.
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8 years ago
Agreed! I really love the look of natural stone, so protecting it and ensuring its longevity is a must!
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8 years ago
Interesting question, I have a Mac book and that thing heats up like crazy, other mac book users will know exactly what I'm talking about. I always have to put a textbook or something underneath it! Better safe than sorry right?