What is Bio color for quartz compact?

My husband and I recently moved into a condo in the downtown Toronto area, it’s very different from the sub-urban home we once lived in and I am looking to personalize it more to my liking. I came across your Quartz compact section and am interested in knowing more info about the bio colors that are available. What are bio colors and how do they differ from the other options that are listed? Is the bio color option more environmentally friendly?


By Interstone Marble and Granite Limited

The “Bio” colours in Compac quartz advocate that products used to create this line are more environmentally friendly than the regular Compac quartz line.  I believe that the chemicals used in the resins and epoxies that bind the crushed stone are less toxic to the fabricators than usual.  You see, when the fabricators cut regular quartz, it emits clouds of dust that they inevitably breathe in, which can cause them illness.  That being said, this line has fewer color selections and it doesn’t propose a completely “green” product because they still have to deforest areas and quarry the necessary stone with which to make this material.