Using Natural Stone Slab to Renovate Your GTA Home – Visit a Showroom!

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When it comes time to build a new home or renovate an existing one, the decision to use natural stone slab in your GTA home is one that will benefit you in a number of different ways. Whether you’re aiming to raise the resale value of the property, increase the functionality of your kitchen space, or simply add to the overall aesthetic of the home, the right natural stone slab can bring out the best in your living space. 


Visit a Showroom


If you’re in the market for natural stone slab, it’s recommended that you take the time to visit a showroom where you can get a firsthand look at the different types of stone available. Seeing the whole slab in person will give you a much better idea of the differences in texture, striation, and colour that exist between slabs. With certain natural stones, like marble or granite, there can even be an immense difference in terms of colour and striation within the same slab; this is due to mineral deposits and grains that have formed the colours and patterns over the course of thousands of years. If you’re having tiles fabricated, it helps to get a sense of the different striations visible even within the same slab – this will prevent any unwelcome surprises when the tiles arrive at your home.


Another benefit of visiting a showroom is the access to knowledgeable staff who are able to offer advice on your project and help you determine which type of stone is most suitable for your home, based on your preferred location for the stone, its intended purpose, and the level of use it’ll see on a daily basis. Based on these specifications, showroom staff will also be able to coach you on proper stone care techniques and recommend any necessary detergents, penetrating sealers, waxes, or stain removers. With a bit of upkeep and attention, it’s possible to keep your marble, granite, limestone, or quartzite looking as flawless as the day it was installed.